Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Father God I emerge my body and soul and spirit heart and mind and Virginia or penal   and Antis aka booties  aka BUTT under the blood of Yahweh and prevent any demons incubus Succubus or perversion demon from coming in my dreams or life  destiny or tormenting or having sex with me or discharging in me or out of me   this night and day  and for all eternity in Yahweh name  .I renounce myself from all soul tie and ungodly soul tie and ungodly sexual soul tie   with theses demons   I renounce partners ship ,yoke’s, marriage in the name of Yahweh . By the power of the holy spirit.  I renounce satan and theses demons  and unknown demons  I break myself from every soul tie  and agreement, contract  with theses demons and satan .I brake myself lose and separate  myself and divorce myself from satan and Incubus and succubus and any other demons know and unknown to me that you know of Father. In Yahweh name.  I separate myself and cut myself lose from every demonic partnership In Yahweh name. Father I break myself lose from every  attachment cord rooted tree emendation and manipulation strings and unkown things  from these marine demon that is preventing me from getting married Yahweh name  father I ask you to intervene for me and brake theses demons back and cut theses demons heads  off  set them on fire for all eternity  and put them beneath the feet of Yahweh for their Judgment   . I use the blood of Yahweh against every marine demon ,and unknow demons no more will I be under theses demons power and influence nor manipulation nor will I be attach to them mow or ever again and vice a verse   
 or satan influences  or being attach to satan again no more for all eternity They are commanded   and forbidden to never come to me or my family or anyone else ever again for all eternity in Yahweh name    Sealed in the blood of Yahweh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I LOOSE UPON ME NOW.YOUR HOLY SPIRIT LORD TO CLEANSE AND PURIFY MY BODY, SOUL, MIND AND SPIRIT AND HEART FROM THESE DEMONS! GO INTO THE RECESSES OF MY MEMORY BANK IN MY MIND, HEART AND GUT AND CLEANSE AND PURIFY ME LORD ERASE THOSE MEMORIES WITH YOUR HOLY SPIRIT ERASER MAY I NEVER THINK OF THOSE THOUGHTS AGAIN! FOR THE DEMONS TO USE TO COME BACK PLACE YOUR HEALING BALM THERE OH LORD!WASH ME AND MAKE ME WHITER THAN SNOW! AND I LOSE THE HOLY SPIRIT IN ME AND THE ANOINTING BLOOD AND OIL AND WEALTH STRENGTH JOY AND HAPPINESS AND HEALTH IN YAHWEH NAME SEALED IN THE BLOOD OF YAHWEH