New Sept 2015 Masonic Prayer Breaket

Masonic Renunciation Prayer Break Employment Relationship Curses
Have you been involved in Masonic Lodge or your generationss such as father, grandfather or anyone else and wondered why you have relationship and empoyment problems. When generations have been involved in masonic lodges, a masonic curse affects the generations. Take the time to repent and renounce your involvement or the involvement of your family. Say the renunciation prayer to break masonic curses out loud.  Many times poverty curse over your finances.

 I repent, renounce and break the curse of continual hard labor because of ancestral involvement in Freemasonry.

 I break the curses over employment and personal relationships for the following:

– losing favor in any area.
– rejection coming from Freemasonry favoritism.
– Exile from home, family, job and country.
– Humiliation because of oaths and rituals.
– Takeover spirits in employment, finances and position in the Church because of

Freemasonry masonic curses and the resulting pain and humiliation of loss.

 I renounce and break the power of the curse “I am helpless, ignorant, blind, naked and give away my freedom, manhood and conscience.”

 I destroy every curse of nakedness, vulnerability and “no covering”.

 I declare I am clothed and covered in Christ. (Is 61: 10, Rev 19:8)

 I renounce and Break the Shriner’s philosophy to “have fun”.

 I declare that all ties to Freemasonry and Baphomet has been broken for my ancestors, descendents, and myself and there shall be no more curses. I do all this In The Name above all Names, The Name of Jesus Christ the Son of The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

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