Forgiving the people who have hurt us and giving up to God  
                  the hurts, anger and wounded emotions these people had caused us.

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ I praise You, for You are Worthy, and worthy to be 
praised. Lord I recognize the need to unload to You some burdens that have been weighing 
me down and holding me back from having peace in my life. I recognize my need to forgive
some people who have hurt me and the need to give up to You the hurts and anger I have 
because of them.  

    I have been in bondage to these hurts for far too long Father God and I seek Your yoke
breaking anointing to set me free of them. I seek to be set free from what every hurtful word
spoken against me and every hurtful action taken against me has caused me in mental anguish,
and emotional scars. I have been held in bondage to these hurts too long and enough is
enough! You said that because You love us and because You are able, that we can share our
burdens and give them up to You, and so I am here seeking You for that very reason. Father,
it is not easy for me to know how to trust sometimes, but today Father I am prepared to trust
You and Your son Jesus Christ, fully and completely, for my healing. 

    I call upon You Jesus Christ to come and comfort me with Your Holy Spirit, and to help
me to effectively forgive and receive healing through this forgiveness. I am ready to forgive
all who have transgressed against me Lord Jesus Christ. I seek to forgive all who have 
hurt me, and for God’s Holy Spirit to release me from the burdens associated to these hurts.
I also seek for every stronghold associated to these hurts, or any emotional wall that was
erected against me, because of unforgiveness, be tore down. Lord Jesus Christ I ask for You
to witness this day my forgiving of those who have sinned against me and I ask for Your Holy
Spirit to process and seal my forgiveness in the heavenly realm. Lord it is my desire to be
totally set free this very day from all of what un- forgiveness, bitterness, anger, intimidation,
guilt, unworthiness, fear etc., through these hurts, has caused me. (Name anything specific
you know is burdening you, or negatively affecting you) 

    Father I relinquish any thoughts, or words of judgement, anger, or bitterness I had spoken,
or have held against any person, because they were involved in hurting me. Father God You
are the rightful judge over what You have created, not me, and I want You to be the
Judge over what these people have done to me for You are fair and just. I will not keep the 
spirit of offense, or resentment for they are not mine to keep. Lord Jesus Christ I ask You to
come to witness my forgiving the people who have hurt me and to receive the hurts as I give 
them to You. Release me Lord Jesus Christ from all that is hindering me through hurts, anger
and unforgiveness and bring closure to these areas of my life so that I may move on in You.

            The Forgiveness


   I want you to know that at the moment that you had asked Jesus to come, He is with you.
He eagerly wants your heart healed and your burdens lifted. Jesus stands before you.
Forgive those people who have hurt you and let Jesus set you free. Forgive out loud and in
your own words the people and situations,that has caused you torment in your soul.
        For example .. "Jesus Christ, before You I forgive those people responsible for hurting 
me, bearing false witness against me, betraying me, abandoning me, physically, sexually, or 
emotionally abusing me, etc." 

    Tell Jesus how you have been hurting, as you forgive these people, and situations. If there
are situations that you don't remember, or perhaps there is a block in your memory, then also 
tell Jesus you are willing to forgive all people (remembered, or not),who have sinned against
you AND most importantly forgive yourself. Sometimes we hold onto things and find ways to
blame ourselves for things that have happened to us, or blame ourselves for thinking we could
have done something more to have helped another person. 

    In your own words begin to speak out to the Lord what hurtful situations you are wanting
resolved in that healing from them can come. For that person who has had several hurtful 
situations in their life I would suggest you address each of them one at a time, the ways in
which you have been hurt, who had hurt you, how it made you feel when you were being hurt
and how those hurts still cause you to suffer today and then forgive them. Don’t hold anything
back for greater healing comes when you can speak these things out. 

  Whether it was one person, or several person's who were involved in hurting you name 
them as you describe how that person/ those people hurt you and how this person made you
feel because of it and then, "forgive" them.  One at a time forgive them by name. Do this for
every hurtful situation in your life that is still alive in your memory. If you prefer, as you speak
you can imagine telling this person to their face how they hurt you, how they made you feel 
and then most importantly that you forgive them. Remember if you have a hard time even 
mentioning the persons name who hurt you, or you have a hard time wanting to forgive them
you will realize just how deep this hurt goes and the more reason why you need to forgive
them. Alright begin and don't stop until you are done

                                                         Giving the hurts and anger, etc,.

    Now it is time to give the hurts, the anger, the unworthiness, etc., what these hurts have
caused you, up to the Lord. Jesus is still there with you. Tell Him, or read to Him out loud
the hurts that you have written down and which you are giving up to Him.
         For example... "Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, I give up to You all hurts, anger, 
bitterness and feelings of rejection I have incurred because of what I had confessed was 
hurting me and the people I forgave for causing those hurts. I give each one of them to You 
and forgive them their sins against me. Jesus I surrender myself totally into Your hands and
trust You completely for my healing. Here Lord Jesus I give each person, burden, hurt, anger,
wounded emotion and hurtful situation to You, (speak it outloud as you give each one to
Him). Tell Jesus whatever is on your heart also. This is your time for healing and closure. 
Thank Him for taking them and receiving them. Thank God for your healings. Give Him

    Jesus loves you so much and has anticipated this moment for a long time. He is thankful
that you finally gave up those hurts, anger and situations to Him so that you may know God
on a higher level, as a free person in Him. God can do greater things in your life when
bondages and strongholds are dealt with and removed. In this time of forgiveness God may
speak to you and give you comfort, insight and direction you need and may You be totally
blessed by it, of which I am sure you will be.

                In closing

    Father in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that You seal this forgiveness with Your Holy Spirit.
I thank You Father for receiving my hurts, anger and wounded emotions as I thank you for the
deliverance and healing You just gave me. Praise Be to Abba.

                          Give God Your Praises                                      And all of the Glory 

  Matthew 6:14-15 NIV 14 For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly
Father will also forgive you.15 But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not
forgive your sins.

  James 5:14-16 NIV 14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to
pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer offered in
faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be
forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you 
may be healed.

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