NEW 4-24-15 Prayer against Witchcraft IN

Prayer against Witchcraft



Prayer against Witchcraft IN
the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord, I exercise authority over the works of evil spirits who are sent against me with spells, hexes and magic. I bind these spirits in the powerful name of Jesus, and command them to flee! No weapon formed against me shall prosper, no devil shall prevail against me, and no evil words and incantations shall have any power over me. I am a child of God and I am anointed of God, therefore, a thousand shall fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand and it shall not come near me. The Lord is my shield my refuge my fortress and my strength. Every evil word spoken against me in judgment I condemn. Every type of magic done to hurt me will now backfire. Every spell is broken to pieces, and all forms of sorcery are brought to confusion, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ my Lord. All witches and warlocks are now rebuked in the name of the Son of God, Jesus the Christ. I plead the blood of Jesus to cover me as a shield and defense and as a sword of offence against the works and workers of wickedness. I use the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God to pierce the darkness and sever every evil spirits which is assigned to my destiny. I call my guardian angels to wage war on my spiritual adversaries and bring them to nougat. I pray to my God in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, to bring defeat to the plans of witchcraft. I pray that the enemy’s camp will be in derision and confusion. Let the judgment of God spread over the community of witchcraft, and let my name be respected among witches and warlocks because I am saved and anointed of the Holy Spirit. I pray that the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ will also reach every witch and warlock so that they too, as human beings, may be saved and delivered through the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus. I break the power of witchcraft that comes against me in any form, and I destroy every weapon in the mighty name of Jesus the Son of God. I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Amen.
Father in the name of Jesus Christ forgive me for not resisting temptation. Father forgive me for getting pleasure from this sin. Forgive me for everything that is unforgiven now. I am so sorry God. Father close those doorways and break all legal grounds that demons and spirits are using to harm me. I take authority now over all forces of evil and sexual demons harming me now and I destroy your connections to my mind, subconscious, emotions, sexual organs, dreams, past, memories, past sins, desires, eyes, will in my stomach and I destroy your connection to my want and sastisfaction and desire for pleasures now in the name of Jesus. I cast out now all demons of incubus, succubus, Eldora, mare, demons of masturbation and I demand you to leave me now in the name of Jesus. I break now all evil connections attaching to all parts of me and I command you to leave me now and go to the pit in the name of Jesus you are powerless and harmless against me. Your assignment is broken cancelled and destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ who died for my sins. Father please destroy all evil links to me now I have not named. Lord please unhook and remove all remaining demonic attachments to me now in the name of Jesus Christ. Father God take the holy spirit fire and burn all evil impressions, connections, implantations, and residues the evil has left behind and remove them from me now God. God please remove all evil connections to visions, memories, images, pleasures, past experiences things I have seen or thought and burn it all now in Jesus’s name, burn in Jesus’s name, burn in Jesus’s name. Leave me now leave all parts of me go out now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Lord burn now all evil openings connections, ties, and chords thru which this evil is coming now in the name of Jesus. Burn in Jesus’s name, Burn in Jesus’s name, Burn in Jesus’s name.

Now recite a Bible verse-make it different each time you cast out a demon. Then sing a song to Jesus and thank God for the victory.

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