NEW-6-11-15-Prayer for Those Involved in Emergency Work and the Medical Field

Prayer for Those Involved in Emergency Work and the Medical Field
I was led to assemble the following prayer based on my work with those in the fire service and the field of medicine. However, I think this is a good prayer for “daily” cleaning regardless of the occupation.  As always, the prayers we post should not be prayed in repetition, but should be considered starting points as you follow God’s lead. – Brian Cox

In the name of Jesus Christ, I break all ungodly ties between myself, and anyone I work with. I also break all ungodly ties between myself and any person I’ve encountered.
In Jesus’ name I cancel any curses, gossip or slander spoken against me or my family. I declare that I forgive those people and give them over to you, Lord.
Lord, I ask that you break all ungodly territorial ties between me and all locations. Please cancel any plans of retaliation against me or my family.
Lord I surrender to you the memories of all traumatic and stressful situations I’ve encountered.  Please cover these memories with your blood. Help me to never internalize stress or trauma but to always give it over to you.
Please heal me from any infirmity caused by internalizing stress and trauma.
Lord, please remove any hardening or callousness from my heart. Cause me to see the people I help the way you want me to see them.
I repent for anytime I accepted the criticism of others as true and therefore I was placed in ungodly places in the depth.  Lord please remove me out any ungodly place in the depth and restore me to my position of ruling and reigning with Christ.
Lord, I pray that your Kingdom would come and that your will would be done in my workplace and all the locations I travel to during my job.  Please equip me to advance your Kingdom.

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