MPORTANT AFTER ANY TYPE OF MINISTRY Must always PRAY; bind up and loose in the NAME of JESUS LORD, I thank YOU and praise YOU for the anointing… it was all about YOU today as Your Word went forth. LORD JESUS, I give YOU all the honor, worship and praise. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up ALL spirits of resistance, hindrance and delay for breakthrough, every spirit of retribution, revenge, retaliation, ALL backlash spirits, and the lying, seducing, deceiving spirit of deception, (I TIM. 4:1, 2) In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up any transferring, migrating, familiar, hitch-hiking spirits. The LORD JESUS rebuke them; (Jude 9; Zech.3:2) be gone, in JESUS NAME. (Phil. 2:9; Eph. 1:20-23) I plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over these prayers for my family and myself. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up and come against every curse, incarnation, spirit of witchcraft, negative word, negative prayer, every hex, vex, chant, spell, white magic, black magic, voodoo, incantation, all satanic assignments known and unknown. Also any and all spirits assigned against my family and me. I reverse every curse and spirit of witchcraft and I send it back to the sender but I send it back with blessings. In the NAME OF JESUS, the Name that is above every Name and ALL things (Phil. 2:9,10 & Eph. 1:20-23), I bind up every unclean spirit and assignment coming against me, (my children and family) from, by or through anyone or anything, named or unnamed, known or unknown, seven generations back. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up the principalities, powers, rulers’ of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness and hosts in high places, and the prince of power of the air. In JESUS NAME, I bind up the strongman, the old man, every prince and stronghold, the spirit of Antichrist (1John 4:3), deaf and dumb spirits (Mark 9:25,26), blind spirit.(2Cor. 4:4) In JESUS NAME, I break your power devil and I cancel your assignments and effects by and with the BLOOD OF JESUS. I take my Sword of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit and spring every trap door that satan has set against us…. In JESUS NAME I bind up Spirits of Jezebel, Babylonian, Ahab, Leviathan, Python, Cobra, Maloch, Herodian, Korah, Absalom, Iscariot, Alexander, Balaam, Baal, Hedonism, Legalism, Religion, Blasphemy, Idol Worship, Evil Frog Demon Spirit, Orphan, Phantom, Stealth, Amalek, Amorites, Amalekites, Hittites, Sodomites, & every”ite”, Spirit of Anti-Christ, Legion, Saulish Spirit, Ten Spies, Demas, Ghazi, Ananias & Sapphira, Rich Young Ruler, Soul-ties, Spirits of Insecurity and Inferiority all the way back to Eve and Adam. The power in the BLOOD OF JESUS is against you evil spirits. In JESUS NAME, I bind up every satanic spirit and assignment against me, named, unnamed, known, unknown, anyone I know, don’t know, or used to know. In JESUS NAME I bind up all spirits of the occult, past, present & future, along with every cult. In the NAME OF JESUS I bind up any spirit of un-forgiveness, bitterness, envy, covetous, jealously, lust of eye, lust of the world, the pride of life, spirit of mammon, self-pity, hopelessness, bondage and the spirit of offense. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up every root of fear, anxiety, worry, fretting, stress, tension, frustration, doubt, unbelief, disappointment, discouragement and every deadly D from despair to depression. (&denial) I bind up in the NAME OF JESUS, the spirit of pride, rebellion, Page 2 of 3 disobedience, self, ego, independence, lust and the flesh, perversion, whoredom, harassing and tormenting spirits, & ALL mind assaults. In the NAME OF JESUS I bind up every spirit of heaviness, grief, rebellion, haughtiness, anger, hostility, resentment, short temper, hot temper, rage, frustration, impatience, irrationality, foul-mouth spirit, cussing. I bind up spirits of murder, suicide, homicide, spirit of death. I bind up the politics that goes on in prisons, the spirit of incarceration, gang banging spirit, hate, racism, prejudice…ALL unclean spirits, named unnamed. In the NAME OF JESUS I bind up every wounded spirit, unloving spirit, the spirit of rejection, abandonment, & betrayal. I bind up the spirit of strife and division, back biting and gossip, critical and judgmental spirits. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up any family generational curse; I cut them off seven generations back that would come against me or mine. As I go about the Lord’s business. I bind up any scripture stealing spirits, joy stealing spirits, (Neh. 8:10) as the Word went forth that it be manifested & digested. In JESUS name, I bind up the spirit of religion, legalism, along with resistance, hindrance and delay to receive JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOR and LORD. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up all psychic vampire draining spirits, spirits of fatigue, draining, and spirits of exhaustion. I bind ALL attacks on the immune system. In the NAME OF JESUS, I bind up every evil spirit and plague, the spirit of confusion, illusion and delusion. In JESUS NAME, I bind up the spirit of infirmity, sickness, disease, pain, addiction, affliction, counterfeit symptoms, calamity, spirits of accidents, the devourer, the destroyer, the accuser, the deceiver, the corrupter and every spirit of poverty, every draining spirit of finances and abortive spirits of blessings in JESUS NAME, The LORD JESUS CHRIST rebukes these unclean spirits. I bind up in the NAME OF JESUS any caustic acid tongue that would rise up against me in judgment, every devious, harmful, plan, snare, and trap by from or through anyone I know, don’t know, and used to know, seven generations back in JESUS NAME. LORD that YOU would put a hedge of thorns above, beneath, around and wall them in that they can not find their paths until JESUS CHRIST becomes their first love. LORD rebukes these spirits. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST REBUKES YOU EVIL, UNCLEAN SPIRITS. (Jude 1:9, Zechariah 3:2) I loose, in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, deliverance, freedom and liberation, peace, joy, hope, contentment, gladness of heart, love, meekness, considerations of others, compassion, submissiveness and obedience to your Word, kindness, healing and wholeness, mercy and grace, blessings and favor, restoration of the years that the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25), the resurrection power of JESUS CHRIST, miracles, divine healings, reconstruction, deliverance, revival, a mighty harvest, a powerful anointing. I loose supernatural wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, supernatural strength and divine energy. Energize me from the crown of my head to the souls of my feet. I loose supernatural guidance and supernatural love, help me to walk in love in JESUS NAME. I loose the desires of my heart, (Ps. 37:4) tearing down of strongholds, breaking yokes of bondage for breakthroughs. FATHER, I claim Zechariah 9:12 that YOU will restore twice as much, twice as much in JESUS NAME and a boldness & passion to continue to witness for Christ as lone as I live. I loose the desire to Page 3 of 3 spend time in God’s presences, a hunger and thirst for the Word of God and the will of God in my life. I pled the BLOOD of JESUS over my family and me and over these prayers by the resurrection power of JESUS I pray. I draw the blood line around my family and me to protect us from all the forces of darkness. We are blood covenant loved, healed, protected, blessed, forgiven, sealed, protected, & prospered. P.T.L. Amen and Amen!!

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