Prayer to Bind Demons from Interfering with your Prayer Time NEW 4-2015

Prayer to Bind Demons from Interfering with your Prayer Time

The Binding Prayer Before Our Time Alone with God

Before we go into prayer it is good to ask Holy Spirit to reveal any misdeeds or neglects, and seriously repent asking for strength so we won't repeat them. Then you can go through the list as you are repenting and call out the things you know you are guilty of.

I renounce and repent of pride and vain glory and all prideful thoughts, unforgiveness, judgment, jealousy, greed, anger, lust, rebellion and disobedience, unbelief, laziness, self pity, self indulgence & gluttony, selfishness, unrepentence, and listening to lying accusations against Your character. Oh Lord you are kind, merciful, faithful and true. I love You. Forgive me Lord for having ever offended You and my neighbor, give me strength to sin no more.

I present my contrite spirit to You  YAHUVEH AND HOLY SPIRIT AND YAHSHUA and call upon your faithfulness and Mercy to forgive my sins, restore and protect that which you wish to do with and through me for others.

"Lord, You hear the desire of the poor: Your ear has heard the preparation of our hearts. We cling to your promise, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God and He shall dwell in their hearts."

I speak to those who promote evil including demons HYTDRA ,ET, ALIEN BEINGS ECT WITCHCRAFT,  SANTAIC, OCCULT AND ANY THING ELSE OF SATAN  and demonic tools of oppression and deception assigned to hinder Godliness and God's work in our lives and in our immediate circle, and those who come to us or will come to us in the future for ministry. In  YAHSHUA name I bind you Lying and Beguiling spirits and your weapons against us in thought, word, deed, effigy, incantation, curses, and ceremonies, or any other kind of method to oppose, confuse, distract, or cause: sickness, tiredness, lying symptoms, doubt, false guilt, self hatred, unbelief, mental, emotional and spiritual: depression, restlessness, anxiety, deafness, dumbness, blindness, fear, fog, judgment & condemnation & gossip against ourselves or others, deceiving voices, miscommunication, division, separation, alienation, divorce, confusion and all instruments of Oppression.

In the Name of YAHSHUA I bind and disable you and your backup pools and those who sent you, and command you to take your lies & devices with you, to return to the abyss until YAHWEH deals with you. I break every curse, hex, evil wish, spell, assignment, seal, link, chain or tie, of any substance and decommission every egg sack and weapon, in YAHSHUA Name, for no weapon formed against us will prosper. x3

Thank you YAHWEH  HOLY SPIRIT AND YAHSHUA  for the use of Your Name and the power it has over every evil, please cover and sanctify us, with Your Blood, to be conformed to You in Humility and Charity. I pray Holy Spirit that you would pass over my whole being, body, soul, and spirit and restore purity and wholeness to the places the enemy has touched.

 YAHWEH, I trust in You.    YAHSHUA I trust in You.   YAHWEH  I trust in You.


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