New April -2019 A Prayer for Loved Ones Trapped by the Enemy

For some who have loved ones trapped in the enemy’s devices…
Father God Yahuah 
Break down the walls of his/ her heart — every wall that they have built up over time, starting with the first year of his/ her life to the second to the third and every year after till the age they are now!
Break down the walls that were built to shield him/ her from all the control and witchcraft.
He/ she shuts out everything because the burden they are carrying is way too huge.  They cannot do it themselves LORD — You have to do it!
They have shut themselves in to insulate them and I know how that feels — because I’ve been there.  You know the weight of pain on his/ her heart and only you know it Father Yahuah in Yahushua Jesus name !!!.
Destroy all the pride, ego, vanity, frustration, impatience and intolerance and discontentment with self and others.
Lift the veils Yahuah off his/ her eyes and body!  Destroy the self defense!  Destroy all the works of the antichrist in the generations of their family off of them.
Cut any false silver cords and cut the ungodly soul ties with mother or father that they can be free from their control!
Break every covenant of death with demons!
Break the power of all spirits of whoredoms, bondage, heaviness, haughtiness, jealousy, covetousness, greed, lust, perversion, slumber, antichrist, deaf and dumb spirits, unbelief, disobedience, seducing spirits, divination and all spirits of infirmity !
Shut down every voice in their head that is not of You!
Crush Leviathan’s hold!  Destroy all mind control.  Crush the spirit of cold love and narcissism.
Crush python spirits trying to control their mind and cut the suckers of Jezebel off her tentacles that it cannot control them any longer and cut them off their family.
Cut all that came through generational sin in bowing to Baphomet and Baal and all other gods!
Destroy all dependence on anything other than God  YAHUAH in all their lives.  Arise in their hearts LORD and annihilate every bit of defensive pride, arrogance, false humility, and every servant of satan thru freemasonry covenants and idolatry that have interfered with salvation and callings on their lives!
Loose your Kingdom LORD and swallow up all death and division, all destruction, fears, anxieties and religious spirits forever from their lives!
We all need breakthrough Abba now!
Bring your kingdom and show __family members name here___ your glory LORD!  In the Name and Blood of  YAHUSHUA Jesus!
Abba God Yahuah you know them inside and out!  Soften their heart and bind their heart to to the heart of jesus and their mind to the mind of Yahushua Jesus!
Tenderly draw them into Your arms LORD and free them from the enemy’s grasp, in the Name and by the Blood of YAHUSHUA  Jesus!

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