Prayers to overcome dream Attack

Prayers to overcome dream attac


Daily Prayers: evil dreams and dream attack

1. Every power drawing my blood in the dreams, vomit, die in Jesus name (say vomit, die, 7 times)
2. My blood become bitter in the mouth of dream blood suckers.
3. Every power shaving my hair and plaiting my hair in the dreams, die in Jesus name
4. Every breakthroughs that I have lost in my dreams, I reclaim now in Jesus name.
5. I reject evil report revealed to me in the dreams.   1. My guardian angel, encamp around me while I sleep in Jesus name.
·         2. Fire of God build a wall around me now in Jesus name.
·         3. Blood of Jesus, flow around me while I sleep
·         4. Every power entering my bedroom through the wall to attack me, be eletrocuted by fire in Jesus name
·         5. Every evil  power entering my bedroom through an invisible wall, be trapped by fire in Jesus name.
·         6. (Point your fingers to the walls of your bedroom) You my bedroom walls, I turned you into walls of fire in Jesus name.
·         7. You walls of my bedroom, be too hot for demon spirits to pass through
·         8. You walls of my bedroom, refuse to cooperate with evil spirits in Jesus name.
·         9. You power in black cloth visiting me at night, catch fire and die in Jesus name.
·         10. My Guardian angels, kidnap every evil messengers assigned me at night.
·         11. Every battle over my dream life, cease in Jesus name.
·         12. Lion of the tribe of Judah devour every satanic power attacking my dream life in Jesus name

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