NEW-8-5-16-Daily Maintenance Prayer

                                Daily Maintenance Prayer
   This is a prayer that has a person surrendering their life afresh unto God; praying protection &
blessings over their life, home and family; breaking soul ties and curses from their life and re-
enforcing their position in Christ afresh each and every time they read it out.

    Jesus Christ I confess and I proclaim that You are the Lord of my life and that You alone hold the
highest position under our Fathers throne. I affirm that You Jesus Christ are my Master, my Saviour,
my Healer and my Deliverer. I proclaim that Yahweh, creator of heaven and earth, is my God and 
spiritual Father, that He is the one and only true God and that there is no one greater than Him. I
surrender afresh this day my body, my soul and my spirit into Your care Father God. I petition You
to direct my every footstep and to move on my behalf in every situation I encounter. Father work in
me as You please for my hope and my trust is in You. Train me up in Your truth in that I will always
recognize Your truth when I hear it and see it. 
Father teach me more of what I am capable of doing through the Blood Your Son Jesus Christ shed for me. Reveal to me what Your will is for my life and what you would want of me this day. Teach me how to continuously align myself to the plan of salvation You have designed for me. Strengthen me in Yourstrength where I am weak, cover me in Your grace when I sin out of ignorance and perpetually release the fullness of Your joy into my heart.
I reaffirm that it is my desire to live in compliance with what Your will is for my life and I ask You Father God to help me fulfill this desire. Help me to achieve an intimate relationship with You through Your Holy Spirit and help me to walk upright. Teach me how to deal with every situation I encounter in a proper and sinless manner. Purge me of all sin, sickness, wrong behaviour/ spirit and influence. Assist me to grow to my fullest potential through Jesus Christ and to become more Christ like in my nature each day.
Jehovah I invite Your Holy Spirit afresh this day to abide in me, to lead and guide me, to teach me who I am in Christ, to heal within me what needs to be healed and to set free within me what needs to be set free. Shine a magnified light on me Father. Search out, find and reveal to me any sin and/or wrong spirit I may still be walking in and show me how to effectively rectify and expel that sin and/or wrong spirit from my life. Saturate me in Your Holy Spirit and produce good fruit in me in that I may always walk in Your Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-controleach and every day. I love You Father God. I give You my praises for You are worthy. Holy be Your name.
Father I forgive afresh all who have hurt me and I ask forgiveness for all who I have hurt. I seek Your forgiveness for every area of my life that falls short in being a Christian. I repent of every wrong thought I have recently entertained, every wrong word I have recently spoken, every wrong action I have recently committed and every person I have recently hurt. Forgive me Father. (If there is any new situation, or person in which you need to forgive, or to ask forgiveness for, do it now.)
I ask for the assurance that no matter where I travel this day, what location I am at, or whomever I talk to that I will have Your protection, favour and blessings on me. Protect me Father from every person I meet who has darkness in their heart, or evil in their mind. Cover me in the blood of Jesus Christ when around such people. Sever from me every legal right, assignment, spirit, spiritual attachment, sickness or work of oppression that has come onto my life by way of another persons (or spirits) manipulation, abuse, torment, hex, spell, curse, incantation or sins and nullify every curse and word of condemnation any person has spoken against me.
Let not my association to any person be used against me or as a spiritual bridge to bring attack, hardship, condemnation, sickness or oppression to my life. I am not in agreement to sin or sinful behavior in anyone and I decree that you satan shall not condemn me by my friendship or association to any person who has sin in their life. Father, burn every spiritual bridge and seal shut every door that connects me to another person that satan uses to oppress my life by. (Name a specific person in your life, or group you need to break soul ties with or need protection put in place between you and them, IF you discern there is a need to do so.)
I ask that my spiritual gifts that come from You Yahweh be enhanced this day, especially my discernment for spiritual matters. I pray You would give me whatever gift I would need for whatever situation I would find myself in. (Name a particular gift you desire to have from God and ask Him for it now).
In the name of Jesus Christ I ask Father "Abba" for Your Spirit of Truth to "reveal" to me every form of deception that may be at work against me and I ask for this deception to be exposed and rectified through the blood of Jesus Christ. Expose to me every deceptive person, spirit, doctrine, lie or thought I believe or have been believing. Remove from my eyes any blinders that sin, (ignorance, deception, false teachings, witchcraft, denial, discouragement, doubt, rebellion, fear, pride, illusion, hurt, a controlling spirit, friend, spouse or family member) puts on them from knowing what Your truths are, what You are wanting for me and what changes I need to make to better my life. Take those blinders off me now, Father.
In the name of Jesus Christ I take authority over every spirit that brings oppression (or tries to bring oppression) against me, my family, marriage, spouse and children, against my finances, health, house/ apartment, property, animals/ pets, possessions, job, business or ministry and I command those spirits involved to be bound by the Blood of Jesus Christ and sent to dry and arid places. 

Father I ask for a spiritual hedge of Your protection to be placed around me, my family, home and property afresh this day and for the Blood of Jesus Christ to protect my spouse and children where ever they go. Bless my home and property and may all who enter my home be filled with Your presence and peace. I command that no dark spirit or negative influence shall be able to come onto my property or enter my home this day in anyway, or with any person who enters onto my property or comes into my home.
I pray Father that You bless afresh this day my family and friends and that You magnify Your blessings into every aspect of their life. Help my family to grow in unity as a family and to flourish in Your love under Your headship and blessings. For every family member and friend who does not know you as personally as they could I pray You make Yourself known to them in a more dynamic way. (Name those you are especially concerned about). Also (Take a moment and pray for whoever is on your heart.)
Jehovah, unite my spirit to Your Spirit and strengthen me in Your anointing. Fill my body from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head with the warm, alive, anointed, atoning, blessed, victorious, sanctified, consecrated blood that Jesus Christ shed for me and my redemption at Calvary. Father, purge from my body every form of sickness that may be trying to develop against me and seal and protect my body from sickness and disease.
(If you have any health issues you can address those issues now.) For example by saying such things as: In the name of Jesus Christ I bind the spirit of infirmitydecay and destruction from operating in my life and I command them and their works of (name your health issues) that works against me, to shrivel up, die and go to dry and arid places. In Jesus Christ's name I petition my healing for where I have been sick. (If you have high blood pressure or an irregular heart beat ask God to regulate it, if you have asthma ask God to build your lungs muscles and increase its productivity etc.)

By the greater power and authority Jesus has given to me over satan in Luke 10:19 and in the name of Jesus Christ, I take charge of and command bound, satan and every spirit that operates under him, from operating against me. I especially bind the spirits of (name every spirit and oppression you recognize has works against you and which you need victory over) that has works against me and in God's greater power over them I decree their every legal right to me rescinded, their every assignment against me cancelled and their every stronghold against me torn down. Father God, strip these spirits of their power,remove their influences from me, uproot them from my life, send them to dry and arid places and restore me to a place of empowerment and victory over them.

Abba I request to receive intercession from the power which is in the name and the blood of Jesus Christ in that each word, each request and each command spoken in this prayer shall be expedited and finalized by You. Father sanction and release a double portion of Your anointing into my life and into the requests of my prayers. I thank You Jesus Christ for Your faithfulness to the Throne of God and I thank You Abba for loving me.

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