Daily Prayers against witchcraft new 4-15-15

Daily Prayers against witchcraft

  1. I will end this year higher  than I began it
  2. Lord give me a new brain in Jesus name
  3. This month, must move forward
  4. Witchcraft embargo against my moving forward this month, die in Jesus name
  5. Every human being form my household working with Satan to trouble my life, die in Jesus name.
  6. Every human in my fathers house, every human being from my mothers house bowing to Satan, collapse and die in Jesus name
  7. Every evil medical report issued to me, be canceled by the blood of Jesus
  8. O Lord of miracles, give me a newer and more profitable Job in Jesus name
  9. Every evil witchcraft clock regulating my life, be destroyed in Jesus name
  10. Healing power of God, flow into my body in Jesus name.                 

    Deliverance prayers against witchcraft attacks

    Praise worship
    Scripture Reading – James 5
    Confession – Isa. 40:31
    1. Arrows of envious witchcraft come out now in the name of Jesus
    2. I recover my clothes from any witchcraft manipulations in the name of Jesus
    3. Holy Spirit fire pursue my pursuers, in the name of Jesus
    4. Strangers of darkness come out by fire, in the name of Jesus
    5. Wicked arrows of the night come out, in the name of Jesus.
    6. Every wicked plantation in my body uprooted, in the name of Jesus
    Mountain of fire and miracles ministries
    International headquarters, Lagos, Nigeria.
    Power must change hands prayer programmed

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