Prayer against witches words.

Father Yahuah wherever and whoever this witch is, I deprogram the words they spoke into the atmosphere. Wherever they have spoken it into the earth or under the earth, whatever they have spoken into the dirt and under the dirt, over the water, under the water, I deprogram it. I cancel it with the mighty blood of Yahshuah. I do not associate with it. Any subtle soul ties that were made or connected me with them I cancel it with the blood of Yahshuah. Any initiations, indoctrinations, dedications, oaths, pacts or anything done by blood , contracts, anything agreeing,: spiritual transfers, spiritual connections, anything that was done when they  were programming this curse into my life, I cancel it with the blood of Yahshuah and I lift it from under the earth and I reprogram it and send it back to the sender a billion fold in Yahshuah's name.

Quick Prayer against Satan

You spirit Lucifer and satan and all the principalities that fell with him and all the kingdom of darkness, I cancel you out and  I stomp on your head like my master Yahshuah did. I cancel out anything that you do in the blood of Yahshuah and I rebuke you and command you to get behind me, because you are behind my Master and my Master Yahshuah is in me. I seal this prayer in the blood of Yahshuah.

Prayer against pics/images you see online

I cancel with the blood of Yahshuah and I take that picture and that arrow and I  send it back to the sender a billion fold in Yahshuah's name.  I wash my eyes, my subconscious eyes, my 3rd eye, 4th eye, Pineal gland and everything with the blood of Yahshuah and clear it out and the poison too in Yahshuah' s name.

Dreams of someone messing with your hair.

Father Yahuah, God Almighty. Through Your power given unto me, I command all those mermaid or siren spirits to depart from me Now!!! and take all of their evil loads. I command these evil spirits to go to the feet of Yahshuah and receive their judgment . Anything that came in with them and after them are forbidden to come back or hurt me on the way out in Yahshuah's name. And anything that they have put in my hair, poison to stop my hair from growing and to mess up and defile my crown, I cancel it with the blood of Yahshuah. Yahshuah I ask that you wash my crown, my head and my hair in the spiritual and physical with your blood and remove any reside or any poison or anything that they could have left behind in Yahshuah's name.
Father Yahuah I ask You to put Your hand on my head and bless it in Yahshuah's name.

Filthy Hands Prayer

I take this anointing oil which represents the blood of Yahshuah and I wash my hands of any filthiness, tightness, poison or defilement that might have been put on my hands in the dream, that can affect my finances and prosperity, I wash it with the blood of Yahshuah.
Father Yah I put the blessings of Deuteronomy on my hands in Yahshuah's name.

Forgetting your dreams

Abba please remove these memory blockers and bring the dream forth I ask in Yahshuah's name.

Problems Dreaming

Abba Yahuah any evil unclear eyes that are positioning themselves in my eyes and in my spiritual path of seeing, I cancel and remove them by fire and I blind those evil unclear eyes and stop them from taking my dreams from me and blocking me from seeing in Yahshuah's name.
 Types of evil eyes to prayer against using prayer above:
Crooked eyes
Evil eyes of disappointment
Evil eyes of delusions
Evil eyes of despair
Evil eyes of wicked adoration
Evil eyes of wicked contemplations (always planning evil against you)
Evil eyes that adore evil ( Duet. 28:54)
Evil fearful eyes
The evil eye ( people become jealous of what you have)
Eyes of evil penetration
Evil merciless eyes
Evil unsteady eyes
Evil eyes that cannot shed tears
Evil eyes of pollution ( they pollute whatever they touch)

Snake bites you in dream

Father in the name of Yahshuah, I cancel everything that happened in this dream. Abba whatever poisons and whatever demons got in me or whatever programming they put in me, I cancel the covenant and soul ties with that snake with the blood of Yahshuah and I cut the snake head off and the tail off and I burn it with the fire of God, in Yahshuah's name.

. Anoint yourself with oil wherever you were bitten in the dream. Then say:

This is the blood of Yahshuah that cleanses me inward and outwardly. I ask the Holy Spirit to go from the top of my Head to the soul of my feet and from the bottom of my feet to the top pf my head and cleanse out any poison and residue with the blood of Yahshuah and sanctify the area where I was bitten in Yahshua's name. Let the Holy Spirit replace the oil in me double fold.

Psalms and When to use them

Psalms 40 - Prayers for God to get/fight your enemies

Psalms 41 - Prayers for healing

Psalms 93 - Celebration Psalms of God's Power

Psalms 4 -  Prayer to say at night before bed

Psalms 5- Prayer to say in the morning

Psalms 1 - Prayer to say to get more living water

Psalms 3 - Beware of enemy in sheep's clothing

Psalms 51 - To be said on the Sabbath, to repent for your sins.

Recognizing and breaking the curse of false prophecies through prayer

Father thank you for the gift of revelation, which will continue to expose the hidden works of the enemy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Firstly, lord, we reject, renounce, dismiss and condemn all demonic prophetic words that have and will ever be spoken over our lives. We further confess and ask your forgiveness for rejecting the warning of the scriptures as it relates to these false prophets and we repent of the evil covenants and agreements we've ignorantly established with them via the receiving of their demonic prophetic words.

Father, every false prophet or prophetess that have unleashed words of spiritual imprisonment and bondage over your people that is currently causing them not to go forward in their lives, I commend those words to fall to the ground and unloose your people in the name of your son Jesus Christ!

Father whatever that evil prophet or prophetess have secretly planted in the lives of your people via so-called miracle cloths, holy water, mantles, demonic anointing, etc. lord let the purpose of these things fail and never come to manifestation in your people lives in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord for those that are already feeling the effects of these demonic anointing and demonic articles, I command the curses and enchantments be destroyed by fire and that these people be redirected to their original purpose in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father, we command every spirit of divination operating in these false prophets and prophetess to be brought to confusion, shame, and dishonor. Lord, I pray that you spiritually open the eyes of your people and cause them to rely and depend solely on your Spirit of truth which we know to be the Holy Spirit, that you promise will lead and guide us into all truth.

I pray that like the apostle Paul, your faithful servants will boldly rebuke these foul and deceiving spirits, while pointing the people of God to the scriptures that clearly says, "Believe not every spirit but try or test the spirits to see whether they are of God, 1 John 4:1 in the mighty name of the only begotten son of God, Jesus the Christ. Amen!

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