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This what I have learn is that the elite showing you what they on plan doing is also a spell. They program it into your subconscious mind so that you manifest it into reality for them. The spell only works for as long as you are unaware of it.Whats you realize them or a person has bewitch you or place a spell on you .It has now been exposed and brought to the llight,from darkness.It is no longer hidden it has been brought out now it can be deal with cancel resend revoke and invoke back to the sender.You will then be stoping its secert works its hidden works that is the Kingdomm off darkness be bless
Apostle Rosalind Solomon

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Prophecy Vision Tailand Coming Disater &Witches a must hear !!!!

Urgent !!!!!#-Prophetic Word The Enemy After You&Your Faith !!!!


1.Father I thank You for Your plans and purpose for my life and destiny in Jesus name. 
2.Lord, I thank You for the grace and the ability You have given to me to dream and receive visions of the night. 
3.Lord, I thank You for his precious gift of dreams of my life and destiny. I bless Your most Holy Name. 
4.Father, Your Word says that when I lie down, I shall not be afraid and my sleep shall be sweet. (Prov. 3v24). Therefore, I pray that everyday of my life, my sleep shall be sweet and blessed in Jesus name. 
5.I receive the grace and ability to sleep and wake up in Jesus name. I rebuke every spirit of sleeplessness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 
6. I reject and rebuke every spirit of fear sent to me during my sleep in Jesus name. 
7. Lord, as I lie down everyday to sleep, I shut the gates and doors of my sleep and dreams against the devil in Jesus name. 
8. I restrict and forbid evil movements of wicked spirits that manipulate and influence my dreams negatively. Jesus Christ says “in my Name, you shall cast out the devil.” In the most potent and powerful name of Jesus Christ, I cast out every demonic and evil spirit sent on assignment to frustrate my life through evil dreams and evil actions. 
9. Two cannot walk together unless they agree (Amos 3v3), therefore I disconnect myself from wicked spiritual personalities of evil dreams and covenants in Jesus name. 
10. I sanctify everywhere and every place I lie down to sleep with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. 
11. I sanctify every material I lie down to sleep upon with the blood of Jesus Christ. 12. As I lie down to sleep, let the light of the Almighty God overshadow me and destroy every darkness around me in Jesus name. 
13. All generational, ancestral and family strongholds, covenants and evil influences of my maternal and paternal lineage which are frustrating my star, destiny and purpose in life through evil dreams, I command now, let the fire of the Holy Spirit torment and destroy you now out of my life in Jesus name. 
14. I release the fire of God to burn every ancestral or generational material or connection to evil dreams in my life in Jesus name. 
15. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I break every covenant and agreement of evil. 
16. I overcome family and ancestral powers and evil by the blood of Jesus Christ. 
17. I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ. I forbid every negative and demonic influence over my mind. I declare that I have the mind of Christ in Jesus name. 
18. In the name of Jesus Christ, I forbid and render powerless, any evil spirit sent to work against my mind and prepare it for evil dream. 
19. I free my mind from evil thoughts, imagination and words sent to attack my mind in preparation for evil dreams in Jesus name. 
20. I pull down every stronghold created in my mind for evil dreams in Jesus name. I cover my mind with the blood of Jesus Christ. 
21. In the name of Jesus Christ, I disconnect myself from human satanic agents who are influencing evil dreams in my life. 
22. I take authority over the spiritual atmosphere of my environment, my habitation, my financial and marital destiny in Jesus name. 
23. I take authority over every cell, organ and system of my body. I forbid and rebuke any oppressive spirit from having dominion over them in Jesus name. 
24. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I rebuke every marine spirit and spiritual personality sent on assignment against my dream life. I nullify their influences, attacks and manipulation in the name of Jesus Christ. 
25. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I receive divine healing and restoration of any cell, organ or system of my body which the devil has affected in dream. 
26. I scatter and put to flight every evil and satanic gathering summoned concerning me, let them be as chaff before the wind, let the angels of the Lord chase them; let their way be dark and slippery and let the angels of the Lord pursue them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 
27. By the anointing of the Lord, I destroy every yoke of Satanic and evil dreams that are holding my life and destiny hostage. I disconnect myself from every effect of such yokes in Jesus name. 
28. I release the fire of God to burn into invisible ashes, any evil covering which the devil is using to cover my blessings through evil dreams and arrows in Jesus name. 
29. All evil and satanic arrows sent or fired at me in dreams from the time I was born, I render you powerless now and I return you back to the sender in Jesus name. 
30. I regain and recover my financial blessings now in Jesus name. Every of my money being spent in dreams by demonic personalities through oppressive reverse representation, I recover them now for the gifts of God are irrevocable. 
31. I recover my financial empire and glory now by the authority of divine Abrahamic covenant (Deut. 8v18). 
32. Wherever the spiritual equivalent of my money is being kept in the dark and wicked world of the spirit, I command now, in the name of Jesus Christ, let the angels of the Lord recover them and bring them to me now in Jesus name. 
33. Any evil dream spirit assigned to my ancestral lineage and which has also been dispatched to me and my lineage, by the fire and power of the Holy Spirit, be rendered powerless and turned back from me now from in Jesus mighty name. 
34. I renounce and reject any name which the enemy has assigned to my personality and which is used by the enemy to afflict me in dreams. 
35. I cover my real names with the blood of Jesus Christ and I take authority over my names. I forbid the enemy from manipulating my names for attack in dreams in Jesus name. 
36. I reject and command for total destruction, any personality using my names in dreams for evil agenda in Jesus name. 
37. By the power of Jehovah Sabbaoth, the Lord of war, I reject any evil food introduced to me in dreams in Jesus name. 
38. I refuse to eat or swallow any evil food or drink given to me in dreams in Jesus name. 
39. I vomit spiritually, every evil and satanic food or drink I have swallowed in dreams in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 
40. By the healing power of the Holy Spirit, I receive healing in all organs of my body of any disease, ailment or medical condition caused by eating evil foods in dreams. By the stripes of Jesus Christ I was healed. I declare that I am wholly healed in Jesus name. 
41. Lord, by the power of Your spirit, I reject and rebuke every spirit of sexual perversion sent on assignment to me by the devil in Jesus name. 
42. I rebuke every power of the marine kingdom of spiritual sexual assault and spiritual control in Jesus name. 
43. I take divine authority over my sexual organs and systems; I forbid any influence or attack in dreams from the marine powers and personalities in Jesus name. 44. I command total healing of any part of my sexual system that the enemy has attacked or oppressed by the power in the blood of Jesus. 
45. I break and totally destroy all strongholds of the marine dream and vision killers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 
46. Lord, I receive grace for victory over the powers of evil dreams in Jesus name. 47. I receive fresh anointing to fulfil my divine dream and destiny in Jesus name. 48. I receive fresh authority over all the powers of evil dream personalities in Jesus name. 
49. I receive fresh grace and mercy to dream divine dreams of glory, honour, success, wealth, breakthrough, deliverance, family glory, restoration, peace, joy, happiness and fruitfulness in Jesus name. 
50. Thank You, Father of all graces for the victory and deliverance You have given to me over Satanic/evil dreams in Jesus name.

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 This message is in three segments that Father is now having me release as one message.  It is also my understanding that there will be more than one period of darkness on the earth. This judgment of Nibiru is one of the times the earth will experience darkness. There are other prophecies that speak of comets and volcanoes causing darkness as well. We can only see in part, and Father is not telling me which particular judgment is imminent, but judgment is here, and the urgency grows each and every day. Do not be slack in your preparation. These are PERILOUS times. We cannot underestimate what is upon us. 
To do so could mean eternal separation from Father. It is also important, as well that we do not hyper focus on the details of any one particular judgment, but rather focus on staying prepared spiritually as the judgments come.   NOTE: This is NOT a notice for the three days of darkness that I have spoken about in the past. That warning will come at some point, but it is not now. We are to remain focused only on Yahushua, (Jesus The Messiah) and make sure our oil lamps are filled and our wicks are trimmed, ready to respond at a moments notice in His peace that transcends all understanding.   Vision:  In the early morning of November 27, 2018,
 I was shown Planet X/Nibiru during a night vision. I suddenly heard a voice in the spirit say to me, "Look over there, it is here. The time is now." I looked out at the horizon and saw a massive planet coming up from the horizon, red and fiery, much, much larger than any planetary body that has been seen in the past with the naked eye. It was approaching earth at such an incredible speed and completely full of fire, from what I could see.   I knew what this meant, but as I looked around the neighborhood where I happened to be with my family, no one else seemed to understand. Many people were panicking, some screaming and dropping to the ground. 
Many others were running to get inside their houses, calling to their children and animals to get inside. I also knew instinctively from what Yahushua has taught me in the past, that we were to cover the windows, not open them or look out, or open the doors during the time that this planet was passing, which would be for 3 days and 3 nights. In my spirit, I had the understanding that very, very few on earth were prepared physically or spiritually.   After my family and I had gone inside and covered everything, 
I was suddenly taken outside the earth in the spirit, and found myself looking at the earth as well as this planet from space. In an instant, as the fiery red planet was hurtling towards earth, satan appeared in front of me, mocking King Mashiach Yahushua (King Messiah Jesus) by wearing a royal looking robe and crown, a diadem of some sort on his forehead, and acting as if he was king of all creation. He was sneering and laughing, as he watched the planet rushing towards earth. I then saw thousands upon thousands of demons being thrown from this planet and heading towards earth to torment mankind. They looked like black ants, as they were literally being thrown down towards earth by the thousands.   
Then Yahushua appeared directly in front of the earth and satan. He was many times larger than satan and was attired in His royal, majestic robe, crown and scepter. As He appeared, there was a massive thunder clap in the heavens that resounded all throughout the universe, and all things shook violently. With one stern and fierce look from His eyes, His presence caused satan to instantly vaporize. I had the understanding that although Father is present here on earth to protect those who are choosing Him and living for Him, He is allowing untold numbers of demons to come to earth as judgment against the wicked and unrepentant.   
I felt I was holding my breath at the sheer power and might of Our King, Yahushua, and in a moment, the vision ended.   As I have always asked, please pray and ask The Holy Spirit for discernment and understanding about any message or vision I post from Yahushua. It is my role and position to present the information and revelations I am given, and it is your position to search out the scriptures and seek His truth.  . I was not to release it until given permission by Father. Now is the time.  Let all those who have ears to hear listen to Our Father and Creator: