Curse Breaker for pagan items:

“Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for opening my eyes and prompting my heart to get rid of these items that are offensive to you.  You are my God and I will not have any other gods before me.
In respect of my personal covenant of servant hood to you, I have chosen to get rid of the items that have attempted to put a wedge between us.
I want to hear your voice and I cannot hear clearly if there are items that are making my spiritual vision foggy and my spiritual hearing dull.”
Curse Breaker for pagan items:
“In the name of Jesus and by the power invested in me through the blood that was shed at Calvary, I renounce, break and sever any oaths, word ties, connections or affiliations with these items I am destroying today.
I bind the demonic entities that are attached to these items.  As the physical nature of these things are destroyed, the spiritual oppression that came with them is also simultaneously being destroyed as well.
Lord, I repent of my rebellion and for holding onto these items.  I should have asked what you felt about them from the very beginning and honored you when you first pricked my conscience.  Thank you for your patience with me.
I accept your forgiveness.  Cover my sin of rebellion with the blood of Jesus.  Heal me of the wounds I have put on my own soul by the dunamis power of your resurrection. If you could raise Jesus from death, you can raise me from the death attached to my sinful activities.
By holding these items on my person, in my home or at my work, I have come into an agreement with the enemy. Today, I break that oath.
Lord, thank you for renewing my covenant with you.  I have broken your heart a million times, and like a merciful Father, you have always forgiven me with your tender love. Help me to forgive myself.
I claim my freedom today.  I am under the shadow of the almighty God.  I am free from the oppression of the enemy.  Lord, empower me to set other captives free. Send a legion of angels to encamp around me as the enemy is very aware that I have stepped out of the darkness and in towards your glorious and healing light.
Bless my feet to stay on the right path and in the right direction.  In Jesus precious name, thank you for your mercy and your love, Amen.”

Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving medical attention.  If you, or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts or harmful tendencies towards themselves or other individuals, please help them contact a qualified physician in addition to prayin does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices made by it’s readers.

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