Deliverance From Evil Spirit Teaching.

* The Invasion of Spiritual Deceptions
* Deliverance: A Viable Ministry For Today
* The Reality and Necessity of Entering Spiritual Warfare
* But....Can A Christian Have A Demon?
* Three-Fold Salvation For Three-Fold Man
* How Do Demons Gain Access To the Life?
* What Are the Symptoms of Indwelling Spirits?
* Entering the War of Deliverance
* Three Step Procedure For Deliverance
* Maintaining Freedom After Your Deliverance Experience
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The Invasion of Spiritual Deceptions
Few ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ suffer from misunderstanding, prejudice
and ridicule as much as the ministry of deliverance from evil spirits. This particular
work of Christ, an almost daily occurrence in His earthly demonstration of the
Kingdom of God, is peculiarly absent in most churches today. The powers of darkness
that held so many in bondage in the first century have ceased to exist in the
minds of many people.
However, such a lack of existence is simply not the case. The twentieth century
has seen revelations of the workings of the demonic which are greater in size and
scope than any previous time. Recent generations have witnessed two wars involving
the entire world, hundreds of smaller wars raging continually between nations,
and a godless, cruel totalitarianism which has affected half of the earth.
Also, never before have the occult-based religions of the East had the farreaching
effects evident today. Thousands of cults, sects, movements, and false religious
philosophies have sprung up in the western nations since the Second World
War. The spiritual invasion of the East has brought incredible devastation into the
lives of the youth of this generation, not only through direct involvement in the different
cults, but also through a subtle shifting of world view from Judaic-Christian
to pantheistic Hindu and Buddhist belief.
Jesus warned us of these days when He prophesied that many false messiahs
would arise at the time of great world wide cataclysms and wars. Kingdoms would
rise against kingdoms. The kingdom of darkness is waging a “last days” onslaught
to captivate as many as possible from the saving influences of the Gospel of Jesus
In the midst of these things, however, the Lord is pouring out His Spirit in unprecedented
ways and places. Never before has there been the widespread acceptance
of the powers of God’s liberating Spirit as has been evident in the last twenty
years. Christians of every nationality and denomination have been experiencing a
fresh move of the power of Pentecost. God is restoring to His church the signs and
wonders that were so prevalent in the times of the early apostles. The gifts of the
Spirit can be found operating in churches of every kind, wherever there are hearts
of humility and daring faith.
At the same time, Satan and his minions have been accelerating their activities
in deceiving multitudes of believers from taking part in God’s end time revival.
The enemy is truly frightened of a church reborn in the power of the Spirit, and
particularly alarmed at the resurgence of the liberating ministry of deliverance
from evil spirits.
Deliverance: A Viable Ministry for Today
The ministry of deliverance from evil spirits is a scriptural, viable and much
needed ministry for today. Even a cursory glance at the Gospels reveals the very
prominent place deliverance held in the life of Jesus. As He went about healing the
sick, maimed or leprous, we find Him ministering to the demonized as well. Almost
as many accounts exist of His casting out evil spirits as of His healing the
In fact, in each of the four gospels approximately 53 accounts of healings are
mentioned in different places and contexts, comprising a total of about 256 verses.
At the same time, approximately 38 separate accounts are written of Christ’s ministry
in the area of deliverance, for a total of about 219 verses. When you compare
these two figures, you’ll find that the writers of the Gospels place a scant 15 percent
greater emphasis on Christ’s healing ministry than on His ministry of casting
out demon spirits. Yet, where in the church today does one find even a 15 percent
emphasis on this ministry at all? In fact, it’s difficult to find deliverance from evil
spirits offered as any part of the ministry in most churches.
Jesus, however, took deliverance quite seriously. In fact, He said that casting out
spirits was a significant sign of the kingdom of God:
“If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come
unto you.” (Matt 12:28)
And when He was accused of casting out demons by the ‘prince of demons,’ He
went on to say that to relegate the act of casting out spirits to anything other than
the Holy Spirit was an unforgivable sin. (see Matt 12:31-32)
It is unscriptural to even preach the gospel without including the message of
deliverance. In examining the Gospels, we find three things common each time
Jesus gave His commission to believers. These three things are preaching, healing
and casting out evil spirits. The early church was faithful to execute all three parts
of the commission. How many churches today are even moving in two, much less
all three?
The Reality and Necessity of Entering Spiritual Warfare
The spirit world is real. There are unseen intelligence’s behind most events in
the world today. This can easily be seen by the ever increasing influences of the
occult. In just the last fifteen years, entertainment and literature of the western nations
have turned more and more to the morbid themes of the black arts, witchcraft
and eastern mysticism. This is no accident. Satan knows that he has but a short
time and seeks to deceive as many as possible before the return of the Lord.
Believers must be equipped with wisdom, insight and discernment to wage war
against these unseen foes. If Christians do not stand up against the darkness, no
one else will. That’s because there’s only one effective weapon in winning this
war: the name and authority of Jesus.
However, for you to be successful in overcoming the powers of darkness,
something must first happen in your own life. It is usually only after a person has
been delivered from the strongholds of his own soul that he gains the spiritual insight
necessary to wage war properly. It’s much harder to stand confidently upon
the city walls defending against outside invaders when there are enemies within the
camp. Only after cleansing your own house can you fearlessly maintain an offensive
I know this from experience. It was only after the enemy’s curses, bondage’s
and strongholds had been broken in my life that I became effective in the liberation
of others. Having had veils of deception stripped from my eyes, I’ve dedicating
myself to helping others find freedom and to experience the Lord’s victory in the
spiritual conflict. All authority against every evil principality, power, enemy and
foe is available to those who choose to walk in Jesus’ holy presence. (see Luke 10:
But...Can a Christian Have a Demon?
When you go into the ministry of casting out demons, inevitably you will be
challenged with the question “Can a born-again believer have a demon?” In Charismatic
and Pentecostal circles the question is “Can a believer who is baptized in
the Spirit have a demon?” “Absolutely not!” is the standard answer. “The Holy
Spirit cannot dwell in the same body as a demon!” This is spoken with the insistence
of a slogan, to close the mind to further inquiry.
However, this answer cannot be supported by scripture. In fact, it is an extrascriptural
piece of logic that rests on an assumption. It is dangerous to assume that
Satan and his demons have some kind of hands-off policy when it comes to believers.
The truth is that believers are the very objects of their wrath and attack.
In the New Testament, the Greek word expressing the presence of demonic
spirits within people is daimonizomai. What this word means is to be demonized;
to be under the power or influence of a demon in certain areas; to have a demon.
In the King James Version of the Bible this particular Greek word is translated 11
times as “to be possessed with devils.” The word “possessed,” however, is a
mislead-ing translation for this Greek word. To English speaking people the term
“possessed” implies total ownership of something. This concept, when applied to
the relationship between a demonic entity and a person, has no support in the
scripture or in the original intent of the Greek word. There is no suggestion in the
scripture that a demon has totally taken over a person as the word “possessed” implies.
Even the Gaderene demoniac had enough humanity to cry out to Jesus for
help. Rather, close scriptural study shows that the effect of demons upon people
was usually in one or more areas of the personality - not the whole person. The
best translation of this Greek word is “to be demonized” or to “have a demon.”
A useful analogy to think of would be the city of Chicago in the 1930’s. Chicago
had a mayor over the town, but the Mafia definitely ran parts of the town.
Even so, while a believer may profess Jesus Christ as Lord of their life, it’s quite
possible that certain areas of the life may be under the domination and controlling
influence of demonic spirits, i.e. jealousy, lust, or annoying and compulsive habits.
Because of a scriptural misunderstanding of what it means to be “born again,”
many believe that they are somehow immune, or instantly free, from the bondage’s
and curses accumulated during a lifetime of sin. Would that it were so!
However, a careful study of the New Testament reveals that your spiritual rebirth
was just that, a “spiritual” rebirth. Jesus said in the third chapter of John,
“That which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” It was the human spirit that received
life when you confessed your sins and were born again. God told Adam that in the
day he ate of the forbidden fruit he would die. Yet he went on to live for many
hundreds of years. What died in Adam when he fell into sin? Obviously, it was that
same part of his nature that Christ came to bring back to life - his spirit.
Threefold Salvation for Threefold Man
The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 that man is a tripartite being:
spirit, soul and body. For this three-fold being (created in the image of his threefold
Creator) God has provided a three-fold salvation. When one is born again, the
spirit is infused with the very life and presence of God. This burst of inner life,
called justification, liberates the person from bondage’s in the soul and, sometimes,
even sicknesses in the body. However, regeneration in the spirit does not mean
complete salvation and perfection for the soul. This is evident in any believer’s experience.
The second-fold of God’s salvation involves the daily process of cleansing,
changing, conforming and renewing of the soul into the likeness of the Lord. The
soul (composed of a man’s mind, will and emotions) is far from perfect. It is in this
realm where the habits, patterns and bondage’s of the past may still be found. By
careful and consistent conformity to the will of God, directed by the presence of
God in the human spirit, the soul slowly transforms to become a pleasing habitation
of the Lord. This process is called sanctification (meaning “set apart” unto holiness)
and is God’s daily salvation for man’s soul.
Finally, the third part of God’s salvation involves the body. When Christ comes
again, the scriptures tell us that we shall be changed and will receive new bodies,
just as the Lord did after His resurrection. This is called glorification. It is also evident
from the teachings in the New Testament that the degree of glory expressed
through your body then will be determined by how much you allow His glory to
shine through your soul now!
In justification (your past salvation) you were delivered from the penalty of sin
(eternal separation from God). In sanctification (your present salvation) you are
(hopefully) being delivered from the power of sin in your life each day. In glorification
(your future salvation) you shall one day be delivered from the very presence
of sin.
The Bible is full of pictures, analogies and parables illustrating God’s wonderful
salvation for the whole man. When Jesus cleansed His Father’s temple, He was
full of wrath toward those who had turned a house of prayer to a den of thieves. In
so doing, He showed us God’s heart. We are the temple of the Lord as well. And
we too need Jesus to come and cleanse us from the “thieves and robbers” within.
How Do Demons Gain Access to the Life?
Following are six ways that evil spirits can gain access into a person’s personality,
mind, body or emotions:
1) Through the Family Line: The scriptures teach that the sins of the fathers
pass down to the children of the third and the fourth generation. (see Exodus 20:5)
In studying the lives of different Old Testament characters, it’s evident that the
consequences of such sin passes down as well: things like personality quirks and
traits, different attitudes and characteristics, and physical weaknesses and infirmities.
This “passing down the line” occurs physiologically through the hereditary
genes and the bloodline. It also occurs spiritually through curses and blights on the
life because of involvement in the occult, secret and mystical societies, etc. (Later
in this booklet more will be said concerning the effects of demonic influences
through curses.)
2) Through Deception: Deception can be simply described as believing something
that’s true to be a lie or something that’s false to be true. This is one of the
main ways the enemy gains entrance into a person’s personality. In fact, there are
four particular lies that he uses frequently: First, a lie about God - that He doesn’t
love you, is mad at you, etc. Or lies about yourself - that you’re no good, you’ll
never amount to anything, etc. Lies about others - everyone else is rejecting you,
that they don’t have the problems that you have, etc. And lies about the Devil - he’s
powerful, you can’t fight him, you need to be afraid of him and his demons, etc.
The liberating truths from these lies are, of course, the opposite: Concerning God -
He loves you and He’s forgiven you. Yourself - you are a child of God, you can do
all things through Him. Others - you’re called to love others regardless; everybody
else struggles as you do with rejection, etc. The Devil - he has no legitimate
authority over you, you have authority over him, and he’s very much afraid of you
when you know who you are in Christ.
3) Through Unyielded Areas: When a believer refuses to surrender an area of
His life over to the Lordship of Jesus, then that area can become a breeding ground
for demon infestation. Your only safety and hiding place from the enemy is under
the anointing of Jesus’s Lordship and the covering of His shed blood.
4) Through Transferred Control: One can come under the control of demonic
forces through the influence of people, situations and events that surround him. For
instance, a believer can be susceptible to a rebellious or judgmental attitude of his
coworkers or a an unhealthy attitude that may pervade his church or ministry.
There’s spiritual power when a majority of people are feeling a certain way concerning
certain issues (peer pressure, mob psychology, conformity, following the
crowd, etc.)
5) Through Soul Ties: A soul tie is the joining or knitting together of the bonds
of a relationship. Godly soul ties occur when like-minded believers are together in
the Lord: friends, marriage partners and believers to pastors. Relationships that
lack “God-centeredness” can result in ungodly soul ties between friends, parents
and children, siblings, marriage partners, former romantic or sexual partners and
domineering authorities. Unhealthy attachments can adversely affect your life. For
example: a mother refusing to relinquish her hold on her children; a person hanging
on to the memory of an old romantic flame; someone holding resentments
against others or who uses spiritual forces to control others (witchcraft).
6) Through Curses: A curse is simply wishing evil on another. Curses can provide
openings for demonic influence in several ways. Self-inflicted curses bring
about anguish and destruction upon one’s own life. When someone speaks evil or
negative things about himself, he sets in motion spiritual forces that bring to pass
the things spoken. For example: “I Just can’t do my job,” “I’m so afraid that I’ll get
sick,” “I don’t believe that I’ll ever change in this area.” Also, present or past involvement
with any activities of the occult will bring curses and spiritual bondage
into the life.
Other-inflicted curses, or curses that are directed towards others, bring considerable
damage to lives, homes, businesses, etc. Those who operate in the occult
sciences of mind-control, witchcraft and sorcery can inflict demonic control and
domination upon unsuspecting and unprotected people, places and situations. Only
the intelligent appropriation of the blood of Jesus can successfully protect from
such assaults.
Another area of other-inflicted curses lies in the area of gossip, judgments, and
evil speaking. When people engage in these activities, it’s possible that evil spirits
will be loosed upon the parties spoken against. The effect, though not necessarily
intentional, can be the same as that of deliberate witchcraft.
What Are the Symptoms of Indwelling Spirits?
Areas of the life that are dominated by the following characteristics generally
reveal the presence of the demonic: captivated feelings, drivenness, torments,
compulsions, or feelings of being pushed, pestered or controlled by a force other
than yourself. So many relegate these symptoms in their life and in the lives of
their children to natural causes. It’s essential, however, that the true source be revealed
so that full deliverance can occur.
The following are seven symptoms that reveal the possible presence of evil
spirits in a person’s personality, mind, body or emotions:
1) Emotional Problems: Persistent and/or recurring disturbances in the area of
the emotions: resentment, anger, fear, rejection, self-pity, depression, insecurity,
2) Mental Problems: Disturbances in the mind and thought life: mental torment,
procrastination, indecision, confusion, doubt, rationalizations, loss of memory.
3) Speech Problems: Outbursts or uncontrolled use of the tongue: lying, cursing,
criticism, gossip, etc.
4) Sex Problems: Compulsive, recurring unclean thoughts and acts: fantasy
sexual thoughts, lusts, perversions, masturbation, pornography, seduction, homosexual
tendencies, etc.
5) Addictions: Examples of bondage in this area: nicotine, alcohol, drugs, food,
television, trashy novels, unhealthy and dependent relationships, etc.
6) Physical Infirmities: Physical afflictions due to spirits of infirmity: arthritis,
skin diseases, cancers, headaches, heart problems, etc. (see Luke 13:11)
7) Religious Error: Any degree of involvement in the following can bring
about severe demonization: the occult or related practices; Eastern religions; secret
societies and mystery cults; psychological practices in the areas of hypnosis,
guided imagery, or biofeedback, unscriptural doctrines and teachings, etc.
Entering the War of Deliverance
It is essential that you become aware of the devices of the evil one in his attempts
to immobilize and constrict you in your life. The enemy is constantly seeking
to bind you in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Whether
you want to believe it or not, you are in a real war. The battleground is your soul,
and victory or defeat is determined by the actions of your will in resisting the enemy
through taking the name of Jesus in the authority and power of His Spirit.
In order to obtain and maintain freedom in the Spirit, it’s necessary to resist and
overcome the enemy in every sphere of his operation. Before you can ever become
effective in defeating the enemy’s activities in the lives of others, you must first
break free from the strongholds that may be in your own life. Satan is a tenacious
foe who will stubbornly hold onto any ground given to him. You must diligently
undo his hold in your life in every area if you expect to live in the freedom and
peace of the Lord Jesus.
Deliverance is simply the act of expelling demons and their entangled strongholds
from a human soul. The Greek word for ‘cast out’ (see Mark 16:17) means to
throw out violently or to vomit out. Demons are spirits, literally winds or breaths,
and though they are not things as we normally think of things in our three dimensional
world, they can inhabit places. But, praise God, they can also be forced out
through the authority of the Victor Jesus.
Three Step Procedure For Deliverance
The following has been found to be an effective three step procedure in expelling
evil spirits from one’s life:
1) CONFESSION: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us
our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:9). The first thing to
do is to recognize, admit, and confess the area of bondage within. Sometimes, particularly
if you have never received deliverance before or if you’re bound in a tight
grip of shame, it’s best to confess the sin to mature brothers or sisters who can adequately
deal with the problem. Also, as you feel led to do so, break curses, forgive
others, resolve to obey the Lord if you’ve been disobedient in an area. In other
words, clean up your act before you enter warfare. All doorways to the enemy must
be slammed shut!
2) INVITATION: Invite the Holy Spirit to come empower you. Spend some
time waiting on Him. Ask Him to focus pressure on any indwelling spirits.
3) COMMAND: Begin to demand firmly, in the name of Jesus, that all indwelling
and attached spirits leave you. You need not yell or shout; demons can
hear quite well. The power is in Jesus’ name, not in the volume of your voice. Be
persistent! Evil spirits generally exit through the breathing passages and come out
by simple breathing, yawning, coughing or gagging. The manifestations, or the
lack of them, depend on many factors involving the individual and the demons and
are therefore difficult to predict. Spirits not deeply rooted will usually yield fairly
easily, whereas stronger, more heavily entrenched spirits will require time and effort
to dislodge. The more stubborn and tenacious ones may require the help of
other believers to release their hold on your soul.
In spite of the fact that you are dealing with a defeated foe whose legal grounds
have been destroyed, strong demons are no pushovers. Even in retreat the enemy
can and will put up a fierce and determined rear guard action. Because of the cleverness
of the spirits, many people are fooled into thinking a strategic retreat of the
enemy is a wholesale surrender. Real persistence and discernment are needed here.
It is exceedingly rare to see a demonic structure of many years destroyed in a single
session. However, the enemy can be mortally wounded in such an encounter of
self deliverance. The order of the day is “Attack! Attack! Attack!” Give the enemy
no time to regroup his forces; rather keep him off balance by demanding his departure
from the occupied territory in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
When demons leave, a noticeable difference occurs within you, a noticeable
cessation or slackening of pressures and/or torments in the areas of activity. For
instance, physical pains, headaches and nagging throbs may disappear; tormenting
thoughts may stop; voices of accusation may cease; pressures around the mind may
release. For every inch of ground regained from the enemy there will be definite
Maintaining Freedom After Your Deliverance Experience
It is vital to remember that you are in a war. Although you may have succeeded
in thrusting out the tormenting enemy, he will seek to regain entrance at a later
time when he finds your guard down. You must remain diligent, obedient, and
filled with the Spirit of God in order to maintain the freedom you’ve gained and to
receive more deliverance in the days to come. Even as a time of careful recuperation
is necessary for someone recovering from the removal of a tumor, so it is important
for the believer to maintain careful obedience in the delivered area of the
soul, particularly until that area can grow strong in the Lord.
Staying faithful in the following three areas will protect you from further demonic
infestation and will keep you in the place to receive more deliverance.
1) Maintain a close, personal, intimate walk with Jesus. A daily quiet time,
reading in the Word and intercession for others will help you to keep your heart
and mind on the Lord during the day.
2) Stay in open and accountable relationships with mature brothers and sisters.
It’s through day to day fellowship with others that the Spirit of God reveals
and manifests the hidden strongholds within. As you continue in vulnerable relationships,
staying in a posture of humility to hear what the Lord may be saying to
you through others, God will continue an ongoing ministry of deliverance in your
3) Ask the Lord to send you opportunities to minister to others. This is one of
the best ways to maintain the freedom you’ve received from the ministry of deliverance.
When an area of the life has been liberated from the bondage’s of darkness,
then God will grant an extra measure of faith and authority to minister to the same
area in others. For instance, if you are struggling in the area of fear, then the best
person to go to for ministry would be someone who has experienced freedom from
this same bondage. He will be able to pray with authority and minister in compassion.
There are few things in life as exciting as learning to fight and become victorious
in spiritual warfare. If you are diligent and faithful in the battle, you will see
God’s mighty hand bringing much freedom to your life and the lives of those
around you.
“And these signs shall follow
them that believe;
In my Name
shall they cast out demons..”
(Mark 16:17)
© Chris N. Simpson 1994
Houston, Texas

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