Severing "soul ties" Prayer & Info
Renouncing your sinful past, reaffirming you commitment to God, severing soul ties to spiritually unhealthy people, relationships, or groups etc
    Jesus Christ I confess that You are the Lord of my life and that You alone hold the highest 
position of power and authority under our Fathers throne. I proclaim that You Jehovah are my
spiritual Father and that Your throne holds all power, all authority and rules over all powers 
and principalities.

    Father I acknowledge and I am in agreement to all of Your ways and I am in full agreement
to the position You have given Jesus Christ over my life. I sit myself at Jesus Christ's feet under
the truth of His teachings and I surrender and yoke myself to the mantle of His rule and power.
I renounce sin, satan, his works and all of his minions of deceptive trickery which comes against
the believer, and the unbeliever.

    Through ignorance I had walked a sinners walk and had talked the language that sinners speak
before I came to accept Jesus Christ into my life. I had indulged myself with sinful behaviour
because I did not fully understand, or appreciate the love You had for me and I repent. 
(Repentance work should have been done before doing this prayer, but if there is anything 
you are led to speak out and repent of do so now. Take as long as you need before moving

    In Jesus Christ's name Father I proclaim this day to be a day of washing sin from my life and
a day of severing unhealthy soul ties from people who I know have doors open to sin and who
affect me because they do. I pray for a washing of the blood of Jesus Christ over me and for the
Holy Spirit to uproot and severe from me every cord that satan has attached to me from these
people to cause a work of oppression because of my association, former agreement, or what
appeared to be my agreement for another person's sin.

  *For any person who has not had sexual encounters before marriage, or who has never
                       entered into a intimate relationship, you can skip over this part. *

    Father I repent for having had sexual relationships before marriage and I seek Your forgiveness
Father for every time I had for I know this type of behaviour does not reflect Your character. By
the Blood of Jesus Christ, I speak to break off of me every negative and spiritually dangerous
connection my soul has made to each one of those sexual partners. Let their sins be theirs and 
my sins be mine and covered under the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Father if any one of these ex partners has sinful behaviour in their life, or are living in 
disobedience to Your ways, I want to clarify that I am not in agreement to any of their sinful 
ways, or disobedience. In the name of Jesus Christ I ask that God Jehovah's Warrior Angels take
their swords and completely sever each and every type of soul tie and attachment that has been 
connected to me from each of those sexual partners in that I do not take on any consequence to
their sins, or any consequence from my prior involvement with them.

  (If you feel led, or the Holy Spirit brings anything to remembrance that you need to forgive, or
seek forgiveness for regarding an ex partner, or you feel led to repent or renounce anything 
regarding them, do so now before continuing for repentance and forgiveness leads to freedom.)



    Here is where you need to name the people, groups and situations that you realize is causing 
you (or may cause you) spiritual upset through a spiritual connection to them and where you 
realize the need to renounce, break and rectify this spiritual upset through the blood of Jesus 

    Take a moment and think of any person, or group who you were once associated to and who
you know had embraced a sinful way of living, who generates discord, heaviness, deception,
false doctrine and upset to others, who is/was involved with occult activities, or who you know is
involved with anything that you know(or have good intuition) is un-Godly.

    Anyone you have had a falling out, disagreement, or break up with and in which there were
hard feelings, or mean spiritedness projected against you. Any group, club, organization, gang,
brother/sister hood that has un- Godly beliefs and which had you make unholy vows, or oaths.

    These are negative spiritual soul ties that need to be broken. These are people who you 1- once
(or still do) had some form of association/ agreement with, or appeared to be in agreement
with, and what satan is using as a loop hole against you to make you an accomplice to their sins 
by association, because you had never officially rescinded (through the blood of Jesus Christ) 
whatever association, agreement, appearance of agreement, or involvement you may have had
for them, their beliefs, or their sins before. 2- Or a person, or group whom you had a bad
experience with and where that person, (or group of people) holds, or may hold condemnation 
toward you.

  For any person who has several people, groups, or situations to sever soul ties with, do so 
now one at a time.

    Name the person, group, gang, brotherhood etc., you want dealt with and speak out the 
situation of what makes that person, or group spiritually dangerous to you and speak forth the 
breaking of that agreement that once was. There are some different examples at the end of this 
prayer that might give you a better idea of how you may want to pray for your each situation.

  Speak forth every person, or group of people you feel led to be specific in severing 
associations, or to put a distance between you and their sins. Then continue reading prayer.


    In the name of Jesus Christ I speak forth my release from every form of spiritual attachment,
cord, yoking, spiritual oppression, curse and condemnation that had formed and connected
itself to me because of a broken friendship, negative soul tie, traumatic abuse, physical/ 
emotional oppression, or an association to a spiritually dangerous person.

    In the name of Jesus Christ I recant every un-Godly vow I had ever spoke at any time in my 
life, and I speak forth my release from every un-Godly vow I had ever made, or which anyone
else may have spoke regarding me. I command that all negative spiritual influences that are 
operating against me nullified and detached from me this very moment. In the name of Jesus
Christ I cancel the assignments which satan has given to each demonic spirit to work against me.
I bind and rebuke each demonic spirit that was assigned to enforce spiritual attachments against
me, and I command that each and every one of these demonic spirits be cast to dry and arid 
places this very moment.

    Father I pray that Your gifts increase in my life especially the gift of discernment. Holy Spirit 
help me to recognize when a person becomes spiritually dangerous to me because of sin in their
life and help me to be wise in how I will deal with that. Help me to discern when a fellow Christian
is not taking their walk in the Lord seriously, is living more for the world than they are for You, or
are believing things they shouldn't be such as false doctrinal beliefs, cult like ideas, etc., and again
give me the wisdom and the boldness to know what to say to these people to distance me from 
their sins or behaviour.

    In Jesus Christ's name I Praise You God and give You much Glory for breaking satan's legal
rights to me because of a unhealthy spiritual tie that got formed between myself and another
person, or group of people that satan was using against me and I thank You God for setting me
free from the oppressions themselves. 

                                                           Amen and Amen

    Give God your praises and reflect on what He has just done for you in setting you free. Some
people may not feel the connections severed, or chains broken, or oppression lift as well as other
people will, but trust me when I say they are indeed broken.                                                         

    E.g. 1- Father my ex- wife holds a lot of animosity for me and she used to read tarot cards 
when I was with her and so I need to break soul ties with her. Father first forgive me for every
place in where I fell short in being a good husband with her. I repent for my part in this failed
marriage. (Speak out how you did fall short etc.) In the name of Jesus Christ I want to state 
that I am not in agreement with Tarot card reading and I repent for having even allowed her to 
read those cards in our home. Where she and I once had agreement for each other let it be 
known that agreement is broken. I hold no agreement for any sin she entertains and so let satan
have no legal right to impose himself against me through her. Wash me in Your Spirit and clean
me from all unrighteousness. Sever every spiritual cord that had connected her to me and me to
her. By my authority in Jesus Christ I command every soul tie broken now. Father also nullify 
every condemnation, or curse she has ever spoken against me and let me be completely out 
from underneath her shadow of what she projects in sin.

  Or   2- Father my first husband was very controlling and controlling of me. He has several 
sins operating in his life and bad ways of dealing with people and I want to clearly express my 
disapproval for those ways and distance myself from his sins. (Name some of those sins and
express your disagreement for them). Father separate me from his sins in that satan will not be
able to use them against me any longer, for his sins are his and my sins have been washed in the
blood of Jesus Christ. I speak forth the breaking of these spiritual ties and anything else that has
oppressively come onto and against me through him and I command them severed now. In Jesus
Christ's name I speak forth by my authority in Jesus Christ my release from the controlling spirit
that came into and against my life because of him. I command it bound, rebuked, rendered 
powerless to my life and sent to dry and arid places in Jesus name and your legal rights broken.

  Or   3- Father in the name of Jesus Christ I confess my involvement with a past group 
(whatever it might be). Realizing now that this group had/ has unrighteous, unstable, or false
beliefs. I speak forth Father my disagreement for their ways and I speak forth my disavowing to
their association. Father forgive me for my involvement with them as I repent now to You my
involvement with them. Father this group sets themselves up to be a special society and have
their own set of doctrinal beliefs, but their not Your beliefs and so I sever all ties (forms of
agreement) and connections to them. In Jesus Christ's name I nullify every vow and oath I had
made obligating myself to them, or their beliefs and I speak forth that my association to this 
group and any vow, or oath I have made while with them cancelled and washed in the blood
of Jesus Christ. It is done.

  These are only examples. I would encourage each person to read our writing on soul ties 
first and make a list of who you need to break soul ties with and why before starting this prayer.
  Here are some examples of what we might want to say when breaking soul ties.
                                What this prayer will achieve for you   

    As well as breaking soul ties this is a good prayer for a Christian to use to renounce their past 
involvement in sin.  It is also a prayer one could use in which to renew their commitments gives
a person the chance to make a fresh declaration to their decision, and their commitment to 
accepting Jesus Christ in their life.

    This prayer is extensive in how it covers all areas of severing all unhealthy spiritual ties from 
people and situations that are, or were close to us. Because of how extensive this prayer is it 
does a great job in breaking ties, yokings, or attachments from most every type of situation to 
set you free from the negative, spiritual influences that were being projected towards you. But I
want to emphasize that we are living in a world full of spiritual influences, good and bad, and 
satan uses these negative spiritual influences through the spiritual ties or yokings to people who
are close to us. 

    Our Daily Maintenance Prayer breaks ties from us afresh each day, and gives us an 
opportunity to name specific people or situations, that needs to be contended with. This Soul 
Ties Prayer should only need to be done one time to set you free from past attachments, and 
then you can use the Daily Maintenance Prayer to keep yourself sealed and protected from the 
curses, ties, attachments, etc., that operate around us daily. Periodically you may feel led by the 
Holy Spirit to do this prayer in its entirety again and this is a great idea. 

    The Lord is continually working in us, healing, delivering, and maturing us in Him, and so if 
you feel led to do this prayer again in the future several times, then Amen God has a reason for 
this. A great idea is also to pray the Curse Breaking Prayer for one never knows what has been
projected against them out of mean spiritedness, or from occult activity. 
    Remember if we have Christian friends who we fellowship with who are not taking their 
commitment that they made to the Lord Jesus Christ serious, then they could have open doors.
If they don't believe in curses, or that they can't be affected spiritually by what they are 
associating to, and they are indulging with things or people that they shouldn't be then they are
leaving themselves wide open for attack. We need to express to them the importance of 
covering themselves in prayer and to discern more the spiritual dangers that they could be 
opening themselves up to. If you discern that these people are not taking their commitment to 
the Lord seriously, or that they have different beliefs, or desires that do not seem right to you, 
then be discerning about this friendship. I am not saying do not associate with this person, but 
I am saying to be discerning and recognize that because this person is leaving them self open to
the wiles of the enemy, that you need to pray for them but also to keep yourself prayed up when
around them. Don't let a friends open doors become your open doors by the yoking of that 

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