There are times when our spouse, son, daughter, or other family member or relative, refuse to walk in Christ. They
resist ministry and they resist the call of the Holy Spirit upon their life. They do want to hear from us. They do not want to
know anything about the Christian faith of faithwalk. They believe that we are all “fanatics” or too religious. They are caught up
in the world, in bondage to sinful habits, and they want their sin. They don’t want to know about Jesus. Christ is not a reality to
them. You have talked and talked to them, until you are “blue in the face”. Nothing seems to work. You have now come to a
point in your life where you are being shown by the Holy Spirit that persuasion does not work. You are desperate and don’t
know what to.. do. You are worried, like most parents, for their safety, health, and especially for their salvation. What about the
husband or wife who doesn’t want to know anything about God? What to do?
The first thing you need to do is to realize that Jesus says that the things of the spirit are Spirit (John 3:6). That
means that transformation cannot come from persuasion. Transformation comes only through REVELATION. They need a
revelation from God. Secondly, the scripture says that no man can come to Jesus unless he/she be called by the Father
(John 6:44). Thirdly, you must remind yourself that the Jesus promises to save you and your household (Acts 16:31), because
He is not a respecter of persons, that is, He has no favorites (Acts 10:34). Fourthly, JESUS IF FAITHFUL and will not fail
you (I Cor.1:9) Fifthly, the Christian must walk by FAITH, not by SIGHT (2 Cor.5:7). Faith calls that which is not yet
manifested in the realm of the natural, as if it already has (Ro.4:17). Faith involves a FAITHCONFESSION (Mk.1 1: 22-24;
Prov.18:21). The sixth point is that the scripture further promises that none that hope on the Lord will be disappointed (I
Pet.2:6). The scripture says that we must walk by TRUST on the Lord (Ps.4:5; Ps.22: 4, 5) because God has a covenant with
you which He will keep. He will not fail you. (Isa.43:2-13)
We are not to put an unbelieving spouse away, for the unbelieving spouse is sanctified through the believing spouse (I
Cor. 7:10-14). We are not to give up on our children or relatives. There are many scriptures where God promises that He will
save them (Isa.49:25; Isa.44:3; Isa. 59:21; Jer.31:16, 17; Isa. 65:23; Ps.1 12:1, 2; Ps.127:3-5). Confess these scriptures over your
loved ones as a faith confession.
Trust on the Lord to change their hearts. They have “heart” trouble. In Jeremiah 17: 9, 10, 14, the Lord says that the
heart of man is desperately ill and only He can know it, and heal it. The seventh principle, then, is that we must ask God to
search their heart and show them their heart the way He sees it, and ask Him to do His work on their heart, and to transform
Word of Faith Ministries InternationalSpiritual Warfare Prayers 35
their attitude towards Him; to give them desire and Grace to reach out to Him, by which they will get a revelation of Him.
Revelation brings transformation.
The eighth point is that we must believe that we receive when we ASK in the Name of Jesus. We must ask to receive,
and the scripture says that by our faith, we know that we have what we ask ( Mt.7:7; John 14:13.14; 1 John 5:14.15)
These are 8 principles to stand upon for our loved ones’ salvations, healings, deliverances, and transformations. The
number 8 is the Biblical number of Jesus and it represents “new beginnings”.
What to do? That was our original question. Do not be discouraged. Instead, recognize that the enemy is the world,
the flesh, and the devil.. Pray them down. Apply your faith and faith confession to the circumstances. Ask the Holy Spirit
to give you revelation of what to pray for, and how to “pray through” until you take possession of the victory that is already
Do not just pray in your natural language. Pray much of it in “tongues. Let the Holy Spirit intercede and get God’s
Will for them and their circumstance, for you, and quicker than you can get it for yourself. Pray the prayer of binding and
loosing and appropriate warfare prayers that apply to your circumstance. Confess aloud the scriptures which apply to the
circumstance of your loved one. ASK the Lord to circumcise their heart of all unholy beliefs, actions, behaviors, inclinations,
habits, emotions, desires, and affections ... of ALL that is unholy. Most of all, persist, persist, persist ... walk by faith, not
by sight.
Pray something like this:
“Lord Jesus Christ, I bring before You (name). He/she doesn’t know You, Lord. When I speak to them about You,
he/she does not want to hear anything. There is total resistance to me. (Name) is not receiving my witness, and persuasion does
not work. Lord, he/she needs a revelation of YOU. I ask for that revelation. Jesus, I ask You to search their heart and show
them their heart the way You see it. Give them desire and Grace to know You and our Father. Make a way for him/her, where
there presently does not appear to be a way out for them. You are the God of the impossible. Nothing is too difficult for you.”
“Circumcise his/her heart, Lord. Cut out all unholy interests and desires, inclinations and affections, habits, and sinful
behaviors that do not glorify You. Make his/her life something pleasing to You, Father, and the Holy Spirit.”
“ Father, Your Word says that no one can go to the Lord Jesus Christ unless You call them. In Jesus’ Name, Father, I
ask You to call them, Father. Give him/her an irresistible desire to seek Him. and the Grace to follow through. Strengthen
him/her in the inner man.”
“Father, I bind Satan, the ruler spirit, and the entire demonic stronghold including those above, around, and below the
ruler spirit, their kindred spirits, all reinforcements, and their assignments, in all of their works and manifestations against
(name). I call (name) loosed from them by faith. I curse those works at the roots. By faith. I cast those spirits out. to go
wandering in dry places, not to return to him/her or any other living being. By faith I confess that he/she is free, born-again,
Spirit-filled, scaled by the Holy Spirit, healed and delivered, all in Christ Jesus’ Name.
“Lord Jesus Christ, Your Word says “ (quote the scripture(s)). I stand on this Word for the salvation, healing and
deliverance of (name) and call it done by faith in Your Name. Devil, I speak to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I tell
you that you cannot and you win not have (name). He/she is claimed for the Lord’s kingdom and there is nothing that you can
do about it because Jesus Christ is faithful. You get your hands off, back off and back down, and do it now! You can’t have
him/her. I decree it forbidden in Christ Jesus’ Name. I bind your stronghold up and off from hi&/her mind, break it, call it
down, curse it at the roots, and apply the Blood of Jesus to their thought-life continually. By faith I call you cast out and down!”
“Lord God, by FAITH I call a clear, unobstructed path cut to the heart, mind, soul and spirit of (name) and Your
Light shining in. Break through, Lord, in a way that only you know how. Reveal yourself to him/her. Soften his/her heart
through your mercy and compassion, and favor. I ask all of these things in Your Name.”
“Father, I pray a hedge of thorns (Hosea 2:6,7) around (name) and decree that any path that they take in pursuit of the
world, the flesh, or the devil, is obstructed by those “thorns”, and that those “thorns” will be used by Your Holy Spirit to turn
them back, to turn them around, and onto the straight highway of righteousness.”
Word of Faith Ministries InternationalSpiritual Warfare Prayers 36
“I bind Satan and all spirits not of the Holy Spirit, break their powers and communications lines in all things regarding
(name), and bind up and off all reinforcements. I cut their supply lines and decree that they can no longer supply (name) with (
drugs, alcohol, women, men, etc.), and I call those supply lines permanently cut off.”
“Lord Jesus Christ, I call forth warrior angels and ministering angels to come forth to do battle for (name). I bind to
(name) Your ministering angels of love, power, a sound mind, grace, supplication, favor, adoption, wisdom, revelation,
understanding, knowledge, good counsel and good judgment, to minister those things to him/her.”
“Now, Lord Jesus, I pray for these specific and special needs of (name). (At this point in the prayer, name the needs
and pour your heart and concerns out to the Lord.)”
“Lord God, in praying for (name) I choose to walk by faith and not by sight. I know that You are faithful and that
You keep Your covenant with me. This is my faith confession. I rely on You. I depend on You. I abide on You. I hope on You.
I know that You will come through for me, and that You will not disappoint me, not because of who I am but because of who
You are. Your Word says that I will be saved and also my household. I stand on Your Word. I stand on Your promises. I stand
on Your Bible truths and scriptures and I know that in the Spirit-realm, I already have what I say.”
“Your Word, Lord Jesus Christ says to “speak to the mountain” (Mk. 11: 23, 24), The mountain is the problem. I now
speak to the “mountain in the life of (name). I say to you, “mountain”, be uprooted and cast out of his/her life now; be cast
into the sea. I believe without doubt that I have whatsoever I say in line with God’s Word. I call you destroyed and gone, by
faith in Christ Jesus’ Name. I call you out of his/her life permanently and completely, in Christ Jesus’ Name. I decree that you
cannot obstruct his/her path to the Lord Jesus Christ any longer. You am uprooted by the Blood of Jesus which I continually
plead against you. The Blood which was your defeat at the cross. The Blood which caused you to be paraded and made a
spectacle of. And you can no longer prevail in the life of (name), I decree it in Christ Jesus’ Name.”
“Lord Jesus Christ, Revelations 12:11 says that Satan is defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our
testimony. Our testimony is not just our witness of how we have been saved by You, Lord, but it is also our
FAITH-CONFESSION. And Your Word, in Ephesians 6:16 says that our FAITH quenches every fiery dart of the enemy. Well
then, Lord, I stand-in-the-gap for (name) with these words and faith confessions, and I decree them accomplished fully, in Your
Name and for Your Glory, Lord Jesus Christ. Satan, all that I have spoken in the gap for (name) is my faith-confession, my
shield of faith, including my shield of faith for them and over them. The Word says that my faith stops every one of your fiery
darts. I stand on my faith confession, my shield of faith, Satan, and I tell you and every one of your demonic spirits that you
cannot get by my faith confession. You cannot pass the shield. I decree that it obstructs you, along with the Blood of Jesus,
from reaching the mind and heart of (name) or from controlling them. It’s over. I decree ALL of these prayers accomplished,
Lord Jesus Christ, in Your Holy Name and for Your Glory, One with the Father and, the Holy Spirit, and I thank you ahead of
time for already having heard and answered these prayers. Praise You, Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!”

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