NEW 8-5-16-Deliverance from sin Prayer

Deliverance from sin Prayer

This is a prayer designed to help lead a Christian through the process of deliverance. A guideline one can use to set them free from the strongholds their sins have set up against them. Wilfill sin and sins of ignorance.
    Jesus Christ I confess and I proclaim that You are the Lord of my life and that the stripes
You bore on the Cross at Calvary has established You my Redeemer. I proclaim that Jehovah
creator of the heavens and the earth is my God and my spiritual Father. This moment I 
rededicate my life unto You Father and sit myself afresh under the jurisdiction of Your 
sovereignty in that You can have complete rule over my life.

By my faith in Jesus Christ and my belief that You are able, I petition You Father to purify
my soul from darkness and to deliver me from every stronghold my sins have built against me.
 I proclaim my desire to make amends to You for every sin I have ever committed and to
rescind every legal right satan has acquired to control me because of my sins and I speak
forth to make these amends now. 

    In the name of Jesus Christ I submit every dark and sinful thought and desire I have
entertained into Your hands Father for a work of purification, redemption and deliverance to
to take place. I appoint You the highest precedence of authority over every aspect of me, over
every sin, stronghold, emotional wall, root and work the devil has against me. I proclaimYour
will shall be done Father in how you redeem me, not my will, or the devils.

    Unite my spirit to Your Spirit Father. Strengthen me in Your strength. Empower me in Your
power. Fill my body from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head with the warm, alive,
anointed, atoning, blessed, victorious, sanctified, consecrated blood that Jesus Christ shed for
me at Calvary. Wash every part of me (including my stomach,intestines, and bowels) in the
redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. Spark within me a great Holy Ghost fire.

    By the authority given me in Luke 10:19 I take authority over every spirit that has set itself
up over the sins of my life and I command each of these spirits, especially the strongman,
bound and rendered powerless. (*Name each spirit that you discern you need deliverance
from and which you are wanting bound and rendered powerless.*) I command each of 
these spirit blocked from drawing, or receiving any power from any other spirit, or source,
and blocked from lending any power to any other spirit. 


    Confess any sin/sins and wrongful behaviour you have been indulging in/ and, or are in
bondage to and in which you realize you need to be delivered from such as bitterness, pride,
jealousy, selfishness, lust, being critical, controlling, stubborn, lying, addicted to drinking,
homosexuality,pornography, drugs etc.

  Note: At each step, from confessing your sins until you ask God to seal your deliverance, do
not move onto the next part, until you feel, or the Holy Spirit impresses upon to you that what
needed to be said was said.

    Renounce that sin/ those sins and whatever else you feel led to renounce, or speak out
regarding that sin, or behaviour. The key to tearing down a stronghold of sin, especially when
it has deep roots is your disgust for that sin and or, your determination to turn away from it. 
So in renouncing that sin speak out against it. Tell it that you are not in agreement to it and that
you will no longer allow it to have it's way with you.

    Repent for that sin/ those sins and anything else you feel you need to repent, or speak out
at this time in repentance. For example if you realize that you had deeply hurt a person/ some
people through your sin/ sins, the Holy Spirit may impress upon to you to speak out and say
something that would help in the pulling down of the strongholds that are against you and, or
which would help bring healing to those you have hurt.

    Ask God to forgive you for having partaken in the sins you are seeking redemption for and
ask God to forgive you for having hurt others in your sins.

    Pull down the strongholds that this sin/ these sins have formed against you. For example
In repentance of my sins and in the name of Jesus Christ I command the stronghold of lust that
my sins have built against me pulled down and demolished and I ask Your help Father in doing

    Command every dark spirit that has been working in the strongholds of that sin, that is
against you to go to dry and arid places. Name that spirit as you command it to go.

    Ask God to Seal this work of deliverance with the Holy Spirit. For example - Father fill 
every void within me that this deliverance has left with Your Holy Spirit and seal this work of
deliverance with Your signet ring in that what has left shall not return.


    By the name and the blood of Jesus Christ I proclaim that my every sin has been redeemed.
I proclaim every chain which had kept an area of my soul in bondage broken, that every strong
hold against me has been pulled down and demolished and that the dark spirits that were 
working in those strongholds were bound and sent to dry and arid places.

    Abba I request to receive intercession from the power which is in the name and the blood of
Jesus Christ in that each word, each request and each command spoken in this prayer shall be
expedited and finalized by You. Father sanction and release a double portion of Your anointing
into my life and into the requests of my prayers. I thank you Jesus Christ for Your faithfulness
to the Throne of God, and I thank You Abba for loving me.


                               Give God Your Praises   AND     All of the Glory

                                                     For what He has just done.

    This prayer should be read out loud, (not loudly, but spoken out) for you are taking authority 
over negative influences and commanding demons (which have been assigned to enforce a 
stronghold, or several strongholds against you) to bow down to the greater authority by which
you are commanding them by (the name of Jesus Christ) and for them to relinquish their 
position in that stronghold.

    Before starting this Deliverance Prayer you should take the time to seek God for His 
direction and to ask Him to reveal to you what the major strongholds are that are against your
life and what issues need to be resolved so as to give you a greater understanding of what you
need to focus on, or include in this prayer.

    If you do not feel you are hearing anything from the Lord regarding strongholds etc, or you
are not sure what you are hearing you can read our writing on deliverance to help you determine
what needs to be addressed. You can determine what the greatest stronghold is against your life
and what strongman spirit is overseeing these strongholds by realizing what emotion oppresses
you the most, what causes you the greatest strife, or struggle and what sin you are most tempted

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