Father, I come to You, the Mighty Judge, the Judge of all judges in the courts of Heaven with my D.A. Yahushua, (and you show your hand) and you say Father, I have my receipt in my hand to prove that I was born lock stock and barrel by You through the Blood of Your Son, and oh yeah and He told me this too, add this in your prayer. I forgot to tell you this. He said that when we come to Him right, the natural bloodline that we was once inherited to, we are no longer inherited in that Bloodline because we come to God, so your bloodline that you had flowing through you when you was in the world, or carnally minded.
You no longer have that blood in you. You have the Blood of Yah in you so what you have to say in the prayer is Father God, I come and petition the Courts today to you for a divorce decree, and to break all sexual transactions and sexual soul transactions, sexual covenant transactions and sexual abominational transactions, and sexual rape, and sexual defilement, and incest in Yahushua’s name. And Father Your Word says that once I come to You, I no longer have the natural blood in me of my bloodline anymore, I have the Blood of You, the Blood of Yah that runs through your loins so therefore the enemy cannot use the old sins of my old natural bloodline because I no longer have that bloodline I have the bloodline of You.
And I accuse the enemy because he is illegally walking on illegal territory and illegal ground which is me Your Temple because I am no longer held under that natural bloodline, I’m under your bloodline and I’m purified and I’m renewed and refined in fire so I petition to You today to give me a divorce decree and to burn up anything they may have on the altar that’s of mine, any marriage certificate, any rings, wedding gowns, dowry, anything in the spiritual realm, DNA, clothes, underwear, anything, hair, anything that they have of me, or any of my ancestors going all the way back to Adam and Eve, my mother and father’s side, step parent’s side, I petition the courts today for you to destroy all of these things for me and my bloodline today in Yahushua’s name.
And then you say God I thank you for the divorce decree and covenants and soul ties and transactions You have bought, and then you say I thank my DNA, my Messiah that died for me in Yahushua’s name and then you say Father God, thank you for my new blood that I have inherited from your loins through the Messiah in Yahushua’s name and I am no longer under the natural blood where satan can use that blood against me and also Father I petition that you bring satan to the courts to be judged and bring his demons and all that he’s been using to come against me to be judged because they have illegally trespassed in Your Temple which is mine in Yahushua HaMashiach’s name.

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