Father in the name of Yahushua HaMashiach, King Jesus Christ of Nazareth I ask You to remove my star that you birthed me with that was sitting in the Heavenlies 200 to 400 years before I even became birthed in my mother’s womb that the enemy has read and is continuing to read and when I say enemy I mean anything of Satan and above Satan, Father in Yahushua’s name. I ask You to remove my star far from their sights, far from Satan and the principalities sights, (because basically principalities, high ranking ones are the only ones who can read it so and false deities, false fallen gods and goddesses) so Father in the name of Yahushua HaMashiach I ask You to remove it from their sight in Yahushua’s name Father God and I also ask You to bind their minds and blind their eyes and mute their ears from seeing, comprehending or hearing anything that’s generating from my star in Yahushua’s name. And Father, any damage they have done to my star, I ask You to fix the fragments of my star and replace the fragments of my star if You cannot find them

Father with the Blood of Yahushua and the Fire of the Holy Spirit, Father also anything Satan has done to change the divinity and the outcome of my star and my destiny Father God, I ask You to realign it, put it back together and fix it for me and for my destiny in Yahushua’s name. Anything that I was supposed to get from birth, up until this point and beyond from my star that you read and put in, written in my star that the enemy has taken from me Father God, given it away, took it away, damaged it, destroyed it, whatever he did to it Father God, I ask You to find it, fix it, and give it back, if You cannot find it and fix it and give it back sevenfold doublefold, then I ask You to recreate and give anew unto me with Your Will and Your Nature Father God in Yahushua’s name. I also ask You to wash my star that covers me as well as me with the Blood of Yahushua and Father I say this for my family members 

(NOTE TIS --You can’t do this prayer over your children or your family members because God said they have to come into it on their own to be done so once they come to God you can teach them this, you know but if they are not of God, you can’t pray this but what you can pray is:)

 Father God, I pray that my children, grandchildren, my spouse, family members, who belong to You and will belong to You, even the heathens will come unto You Father God, and give their lives to You Father God so that we can bestow this information on them so they can say this prayer too Father in Yahushua’s name. And Father I also say this, any part of my destiny, purpose, wealth, marriage, future marriage, education, health, welfare, finances, money, business, anything that you have allotted and written and decreed in my star that is missing that the enemy took and gave away I ask You to find it and clean it up and give it back, sevenfold doublefold but if You can’t and it’s too late.
 I ask You to give me anew in the Will and Nature of You to replace it sealed and invoked in the Blood of Yahushua HaMashiach and Father God may Satan never ever and anything of Satan or above Satan never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever be able to read my star again, comprehend my star again, or hear from my star again, because I bind their minds, I blind their eyes and I mute their ears, and I also mute their mouths with concrete so they cannot speak against my star or me in Yahushua’s name and I seal it and invoke it in the Blood of Yahushua HaMashiach and Father there’ll be no retaliation against me, anything to do with me, my household, my children, grandbaby, spouse, anything Father God, if so it is canceled with the Mighty Blood of Yahushua HaMashiach the Lamb of God, it will fall to the ground and die and it will never be resurrected in our lives but it will be resurrected and reproduced in the enemy’s in Yahushua’s name sealed and invoked in the Blood of Yahushua.

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