Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Asteroid Judgment Within 7 Month;s From Mid June2014Latest Asteroid Judgment (w/n 7 mos.) Please Listen to the whole Messages most important begins at 1 hour and 10 minutes to Specific Nations by Efrain Rodriguez Jun 2014 the lord told me last year and this year it is on my blog .that this wold happen a Asteroid to come and then tsunami This Judgement will fall on Obama WATCH. The EMERGENCY WILL ELIMINATE THE ELECTION. SO OBAMA CAN STAY FOR THIRD TERM CONGRESS SINCE HAS PAS A BILL GIVING HIM THIS POWER OBAMA DID THIS CAUSE HE KNEW THE ASTEROID WA COMING. I MADE A VIDEO THE OTHER DAY ABOUT THIS BEFORE I SAW THIS VIDEO.ON THE SIX judgement OF THIS EARTH OBAMA WILL DIE..THE LORD TOLD ME THIS IN DEC 2012 2013 AND 2014 CHECK MY BLOG .LINK WORD FROM GOD JAN-JULY 2014 AND LINK WORD FROM GOD 2012 AND 2013 BE ASSNATED Her is Video I Just did about Obama running a third time God told me And videoIi did a while ago on wall street God told me about

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