Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Prophetic word from Prophetess (Diana) Word from the Lord September 27TH 2016

Who will be upon the wind and the waves My loves? It shall be Me, calling out your name. You shall be changed in an instant and I shall be seen upon you. Your waves emitted unto others shall be felt and noticed by all My loves. My power flowing through you My children, shall be felt by all. It is not a mere thing, a little thing… no, My loves. It is something way beyond measure, My love encapsulating you, projected unto others. It shall go forth.

Measure not the quantity of it My loves for it cannot be contained in such a manner. It is full force and abounding, over abundantly filling, and spilling out unto many. It shall spread forth unto this land…. quickly, rapidly…. and others shall be filled.

Many will know the goodness of My heart and My will upon their lives when they see My gold coming upon them. My wealth of the nations shall be set forth. [I am sensing the sons from afar coming, daughters on the hip??? Is this what I am sensing? Is this what you are trying to show me in my mind? Father, let me go back and ask…]

[My wealth of the nation’s Lord? ….] Falter not My love. It shall be grand and it shall be glorious. Majestically taking place among My Holy Ones. Loose the binds that hold you My loves…. loose the bonds around your hearts and minds and allow My freedom to flow through freely along the way. There must be movement of Me within you My loves. Movement of My spirit for stagnancy does no good. Loose the binds that holds you and move about allowing My hand to guide you.

Keep Me near this day My loves, keep Me near. For I shall show you great and mighty things. Things that are upon you at this time. Hold fast to the truths that I am giving you, for many more are about to be released. You are My loves, the ones I have chosen for such a time as this… and I shall say this to you this day: BREAK FORTH for I am calling you forth this day. My diamonds in the dust. My gemstones awaiting to be unveiled. Announcements of the greatest glory forthcoming to the earth. It is now My loves.

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