Monday, October 31, 2016

Barbara) My child there is a reason you are here you were planned and numbered at the foundation you were chosen for a specific time and you have a n important job in my Kingdom Remember these words as you go about your daily routine I walk beside you. When you cry I wipe your tears when you stumble and fall I pick you up.... You are never alone I Am your light in the darkness I will lead you and guide you today and every day. I will order your footsteps and keep you on the right path trust me I will never fail you. I came to save you and protect you. my love for you will never fail soon we will be together My words are Truth . An important change is coming to your nation... Many will not have understanding. Things will be seen that that have been hidden until this appointed time is at hand. Those with wisdom and knowledge will prepare you. For my words will travel across the earth and those with ears will heed the warning a mighty wind will blow, destruction and fire will follow. Be prepared for NO Man knows the day or hour.

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