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Prayer For Deliverance From The Spirit Of Leviathan --NEW NOVEMBER 2017

Prayer For Deliverance From The
Spirit Of Leviathan

“Father, I stand in the gap and repent for my ancestors on both sides of my
family back over three, four, and seven and ten generations and even back
over forty and one hundred generations for our great pride and our pride in
all its forms.
Father I repent of all my stiff necked pride and stubbornness (Acts 7:51) with
rebellion; I repent of all religious and denominational pride, all ambitious
pride and the iniquity of a critical spirit with cutting words and actions and
even wanting and seeking vengeance.
I also repent where I cannot be told anything for I have thought that I knew
it all and I repent of my haughtiness and loftiness. I ask where I am listening
but never hearing to change my heart and open my ears to understand Your
Word and Your ways for I repent for not being teachable and for being

I repent of my over exaggerated opinion of myself, my conceit, my haughty
behavior, my arrogance and even where I am delighted in my own
achievements and think very little of others or have no time for those who
do not have my ‘stature’ and brilliance.
Father, I repent where I have become intolerant of others because they lack
my understanding, intelligence and capabilities and even where I have
isolated myself because people are just not what I want them to be and they
are just not like me.

I repent where I have wanted to change others and even taken their roles
because they are not as perfect as me. I repent of the fruits of suspicion and
mistrust and self deception and where I have become legalist reveal to me
and bring to death this legalism. I even repent where I legally challenge
people with scripture like being a lawyer knowingly and unknowingly.
Father, I repent where rejection has caused me to become a perfectionist
and where I have become puffed up with pride and rebellion. I repent of my
self righteousness and where I have rejected those in the church and not
obeyed Your command of love of the brethren and acceptance of the
beloved and not walking in love. I repent also where I have justified my own
rebellion and disobedience to Your Word and ways because of a
stronghold of the transgression of pride.
I repent also of my pride of prosperity, my furniture, my belongings, my car,
my income, my business, my career and even my calling and position in the
Also the pride of my heritage, my ancestry, my parent’s lineage and
achievements and even where they have instilled in me pride because of all
Father, I repent of my hardness of heart and my stony heart because of all
my pride. I repent where I have refused subjection and dependence upon
you because of my rebellious pride. I repent where I have given honor and
glory to myself instead of You because of my pride.
I repent of all mockery and scorn and foolishness, my proud looks of
contempt and haughtiness and proud heart. I repent of all disrespect,
dishonor to parent s and elders and disrespect for authority with arrogance
and all lying. I repent of envy, shame, strife, blasphemy and arguing.
I repent of all greed, gluttony, slothfulness, idleness and all sexual sins of lust
and those committed in drunkenness. I repent where I have compromised
Your Word with Your instruction not to sin, to live righteously and for where I
have compromised Your Word to follow after the lusts of the flesh and the
ways of the world.

Father I ask you to bring to death the sin structures of all my pride,
stubbornness and rebellion and cause me to realize that I am to live a life of
humility in agreement with You to love crucified in this area of my life.
Enable me to realize that the old man has to die and that I am to live in
newness of life as You continue to do a work within my heart
so I do not continue to be ensnared by a stronghold of pride, rebellious pride
and stubbornness.

I repent and renounce all fascination with the forbidden and even the
supernatural. I repent where I have unknowingly allowed this stronghold of
pride to counterfeit my life and the works and manifestations of Your Holy
Spirit. I ask for a loosing of my ears and eyes and tongue so I can hear and
see and speak to move in Your Holy Spirit.
Father where I have opened myself up to false tongues because of pride and
any other religious spirits or evil spirits from the laying on of hands because
pride has not allowed me to hear or see or speak even to slumber, Father, I
ask for deliverance of all these spirits that have entered into me.
Father where I may have any of these specific spirits of pride: “Foot of Pride
(Psalm 26:11); Rod of Pride (Proverbs 14:3); Crown of Pride (Isaiah 28:1, 3);
Great Pride (Jeremiah 13:9); Pride of Life (1 John 2:16).” I claim the
children’s bread of deliverance of demons.
Father, anoint my prayer with power and authority to cast out Leviathan and
his connected and related spirits: “I do break the curse of Leviathan back to
ten generations on both sides of the family and destroy any legal rights or
ground which give evil spirits reason to operate. I destroy all these in the
name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Father where all pride has brought in infirmity, disease, illness and sickness I
ask for healing and deliverance so I can be released from: depression,
weariness, loneliness, emotional pain, oppression, fatigue and fatigue unto
death, excessive tiredness, exhaustion, death suicide, schizophrenia,
defeatism, dejection, despair, hopelessness, insomnia, morbidity, despair,
despondency, discouragement.”
Father, I bind Leviathan and the seven heads being little pride, arrogant
pride, spiritual pride, rationalization, justification, logic, pride in knowing and
using these things and I also bind Neptune, Dagon and Poseidon all
associated Egyptian spirits and spirits of the world and worldliness.
Father, in the power and authority of the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I
bind Orion the strongman and the seven bonds or stars Orion (Job 38:31)
being “Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Saiph, Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak.”
Father, I bind and separate this cluster of stars the Pleaides.
Father I also bind any and all connected and related spirits of prince
charming, false gifts and revelation and tongues and Beelzebub in and over
myself .
Father, I command these evil spirits to manifest to leave and command they
do not manifest other than to leave peaceable and quietly. Father I
command Leviathan not to twist or wind or take control in any way of my
body or soul but to only manifest to leave.
Father let a hook be put in Leviathans jaw (Job 41:1-2) and him drawn out
and taken to his place appointed and all other spirits that have to leave in
and over me, my child/ren my wife/husband.

Father I verbally renounce all my pride and come out of agreement with this
iniquity and where I am in a bond of pride thank you for bringing to death
the pride in my life so I can remain delivered from Pride and all associated
and related spirits of pride.
Father, all honor all glory and all power belongs to You, thank You for my
deliverance of these spirits.”
O Lord, break the heads of the dragons in the waters (Psalm 74:13).
Cut off the head of every hydra in the name of Jesus.
Break the heads of leviathan in pieces (Psalm 74:14).
Punish leviathan, the piercing serpent, even leviathan the crooked serpent,
with Your sore, great, and strong sword (Isaiah 27:1).
Slay the dragon that is in the sea (Psalm 27:1).
I break all curses of pride and leviathan from my life in the name of Jesus.
I bind leviathan and all proud spirits arrayed against my life (Job 41:5).
Rip the scales of leviathan (Job 41:15).
I release the sword of the Lord against leviathan (Isaiah 27:1).
Break the strength of leviathan’s neck (Psalm 18:40).
Break the stony heart of leviathan and crush it to pieces (Job 41:24).
Break the teeth of leviathan and pluck the spoil out of his mouth (Job 41:15).
I put a hook in leviathan’s nose, a cord around his tongue, and I bore a thorn
in his jaw (Job 41:1-2).
Rebuke all proud and arrogant demons that are cursed (Psalm 119:21).

I bind every sea monster that would attack my life or region in the name of
Jesus (Lamentations 4:3).
Bring down the haughty demons by Your power.
Bring down the proud demons that have exalted themselves against Your
Scatter the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
God, you resist the proud. Your power is against the high ones who have
rebelled against You.
Let not the foot of pride come against me (Psalm 36:11).
Break the crown of pride (Isaiah 28:1).
Break Rahab in pieces, as one that is slain. Scatter Your enemies with Your
strong arm (Psalm 89:10).
Let not leviathan oppress me (Psalm 119:122).
O Lord, render a reward to leviathan (Psalm 94:2).
Raise up a watch over leviathan (Job 7:12).
Break the pride of leviathan’s power (Leviticus 26:19).
I strip the scales of leviathan and take away his armour (Job 41:15, Luke

Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath and abase leviathan (Job 40:11).
Smite through leviathan with your understanding (Job 26:12).
Look on leviathan, and bring him low. Tread him down in his place (Job
I bind and cast out all mind control spirits of the octopus and squid in the
name of Jesus.
Let the waters of the deep be dried up, and destroy every spirit of leviathan
(Job 41:31, Isaiah 44:27).
I call for a drought upon leviathan’s waters (Jeremiah 50:38, Jeremiah
Pastor Nate Thompson
Deliverance Revolution Ministries

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