Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Prophecy MARTIME Prophecy

Please I never said throw away your brith cert keep it but spiritualyyou can cut from it and replace it with the blood of Yahushua , and we are not born in to sinYahushua Also there is sin in the mother wound like it says in the biblePsalm 51-5 and sin is brought in the wound from the father seed.Why else did Yah die so we can be born again and clean from the serpent seed and dna .S o we are not born from heaven with sin or in sin we are clean undefile till we reach the womb and from our father the human one tagpoles of sperm that has sin in it .Yahushua
change that when he died and shed his blood.WHY would we still be born into sin and his blood attone for us.The sin also comes from satan and his martime kingdom how they fix us with stock cert which is our birth cert .People need to wake up.And we are all Incarnated--- reincarnated .Just like Yahushua when God reincarnated him three days later
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