Friday, May 29, 2015

MPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT NO LONGER ON AIR ON BLOGTALK RADIO .WILL BE COMING BACK SOMETIIME IN FALL ON FM RADIO.THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME THE LAST 2 YEARS AND 7 MONTH. IT HAS BEEN A GODLY BLAST AND JOY FOR ME TO TEACH YOU ALL TO BE BETTER WARRIORS FOR THE LORD IN YAHSHUA NAME. IF YOU  NEED PRAYER OR WANT WORD FROM THE LORD OR PRAYER AUDIO WHEN YOU MAKE A OFFERING TO THE MINISTRY. YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT ministry site or fill out contact page. @prophetessrosa1 twitter, face book ,google plus. Prophetic mantel. and prophetic Mantel 2 will be doing  some teaching at time on Prophetic Mantel 1 so sub so you can get video right away. And will still do Videos on word from God as they come and blog posting as God leads me to.  chat latter in Yahshua name

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