Monday, May 11, 2015

New Prayer against a witch 5-11-15

In the name of  Yah Jesus
Through the power of his blood
Through the force of the holy Spirit
and the intercession of the Lord  Yah Jesus Christ my High Priest and Intercessor,
I renounce any tie with the occult and spiritism
and cut off any curse against me.
I accept you Yah Jesus Christ
as my only saviour in life, my Healer, my Deliverer and my Victory.
Jesus I know there is a curse against me
under commands and direction from (name).
I know you are Lord of all, the Lord of hosts, and command legions of angels,
You have all authority in heaven and on earth.
I know your plans for me are for life, love, health, peace and prosperity,
I know the heavenly Father is good and holy, you, his Son are good and holy and, therefore,
I ask you to intervene to grant your servant peace from this harassment and  
to give the evil forces under command higher commands from you.
Deliverance is from you.  You are my mighty deliverer and I thank you for freedom from this evil.
To you be the power and the glory,

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