Friday, January 17, 2014

New Word From God Audio is not Good so can read down below.

(Please read If can handle audio break up )The audio is really not good on my old computer Praying for a new one My new computer I had got a virus and crash .It was deem un fixable. If any one has one you can donate to the ministry please let me know.  What the word is saying in Video is The lord told me he is coming very very very soon. We don’t have much time at all. We are in Sinclair years .It could be before 2020 or a little after . No one knows for sure put God. However he told me to speak this word fourth so aim to warn the nations of people. To come on to him before it is to late . And warn other  to help other to Get saved the flood will come sometime before  the end of 2015 I sometime after the peace treaty is sign. Then rescue aka revival . Then Rapture soon follow. God will raise up a new breed of Christian  .People who where never  Christian before. Also many leaders now the ground will open up and swallow  them under. Like he did to that man in Moses days. the one who made the Israelite  build the Idol calf. T his word is really from God and it is serious. So pleases take it seriously. Will make video again when get new computer be bless to all. In Yahweh name.(Scripture Daniel 8  Whole Chapter- . 9-24-27- Revelation 8 whole Chapter .Especially V-8  People Please warn as many as you can This is serious life depends and soul depend on the truth getting out there.Be bless.We don't have much time.Sayeth the lord

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