Friday, January 10, 2014

The word The lord Gave me about the water being Poison is beginning to come to past

Wow the word God ave me about the water being poison it is beginning  to happen. In west VA three hundred thousands people cannot drink the tap water and they are lining up in store s with police officer watching them stock  up on water. They say it may spread further in VA. They cannot take baths or showers neither.Wow please pray for that state. It will come to other states the lord told me that .I said it on my blog show and YouTube .It will be world wide and people will die and it will be riots because of it and then it will come to the point where you cannot use bottle water neither.. Word was given n Sept 2013 and Oct 2013 To  Servant Prophet Rosalind Solomon Be Bless in Yahweh name.  JAN 11TH 2014-EMA Region 3 Has Been Activated: Emerency Situation Breaking In West Virginia
(Before It's News) State of Emergency: EMERGENCY SITUATION BREAKING IN WEST VIRGINIA Many Reports are coming in to Sentinel Command of massive fighting breaking loose in West Virginia over Bottled water as the Chemical Spill Situation conti...
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