Thursday, January 9, 2014

Resurrection Power Jan 9th 2014

THE MYSTERRY IN THE RESURRECTION POWER: (Matt.28:1-8. Mark 16:1-8. And Jesus died. After His death all His followers were perplexed and afraid because their hope and Master before their eyes was captured, crucified and buried. In the side of this country, we He went below the earth 6ft X 6ft. But that was just for 72 hrs, converting it to minutes and seconds (4320minutes),( 259200seconds) But at the last second the there a great earthquake and He that was dead, buried came out unhurt alive, with angelic testimony “He is Not Here, He is Risen as He has said”
Beloved, you can remain in the grave of despondency, failure, stagnation, discouragement, joblessness, no companion and utter neglect for as long as the time of Divine Earthquake has not occurred in your life. Today, I command the power of God to cause a divine shaking in your foundation to liberate you from the power of the grave. I mean, any power, be spiritual or human that refused to let you walk in divine liberty shall receive Divine Earthquake today that will set you free. I see you coming out of that grave NOW in the name of Jesus.

Beloved, as I write this, I felt the anointing being released to liberate you Now. If only you can believe, it shall happen to you In Yahweh Name 

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